5 Brilliant Tips from Leading Design Books

Refresh your St. George home with some of these design tips and give it that custom touch.

shelfArrange Objects by Shape

The “Rule of Threes” is a great trick to style your coffee table or dresser, but objects of similar size can compete with each other and look muddled. Instead, use this rule: something vertical, horizontal, and sculptural can create a sense of order.

Put Something Eye-Catching on Display

Your entryway needs a focal point; something that catches the eyes of your guests when they walk through your door. A mirror, tall plant, fun piece of furniture, or some artwork can all serve as a perfect focal point. If it catches the eye, it distracts attention away from clutter.

white-couchEmbrace White

There’s a common misconception that you must stay away from all things white if you have kids in the house. But the thing is, there’s nothing easier to clean than white. A little bleach and a hot rinse with water will do wonders for a stained white couch cushion.

Setup a Catchall Space

Attempting to keep your home 100% free of clutter might literally drive you insane. Instead, dedicate a space like a cabinet or closet for all the random things you need to pull out from time to time. Try a little basket on your dresser for loose change and buttons, or a junk drawer for tape and stamps. These “catchall spaces” will save you the headache of finding a place for miscellaneous items. Remember to go through them every once in awhile to prevent overflowing.

Equip Your Entry

An entryway is the first line of defense against clutter permeating deep into your luxury home and its purpose is to process everything you carry in. For your entryway to best serve you, set it up correctly. An umbrella stand, charging station for smartphones, heavy-duty rug, hooks and cubbies, shoe tray, hamper for dirty sports gear, and a message board are your battle weapons.

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