5 Tips to Creating a More Productive Home Office Space

When looking for St. George, UT homes for sale, it is important to find the space for a home office if you plan to work from home. Ence Homes would like to help you keep that work space as productive as possible. Here are a few tips for fighting writers block and staying more proactive when working from home.

1. The easiest way to stay productive in your home office is to stay organized. Look for built in shelving or spaces for your own shelving at St. George, UT homes for sale. Label your binders, books, etc. and put them away when you are done. Get creative with storage for pens, pencils and other desk accessories. If your work area is organized and free of clutter, then you are more likely to stay productive instead of looking for all your work materials.

2. Lighting is important to work productivity. Place your work desk near a window for easy use of natural light. If you work more in the evening, then make sure you have enough lamps so you can see what you are working on. Bright work areas will inspire you to stay focused and work more productively from home.


3. Comfy furniture is also important. Nobody wants to work long hours in an uncomfortable chair. Choose furniture that is both functional and practical. You will spend lots of time in your home office working, so make it a comfortable place where you want to go to work.

4. Get inspired in your home office. Choose a St. George, UT homes for sale that has an inspirational work space for you. Liven up your home office with a fun accent wall in a bold color or funky print. Decorate with inspirational pictures, quotes, books or artwork. Inspirational spaces will help you be more creative and productive when working from home.

5. Don’t forget the power of music. Tune into some classical Mozart or Beethoven concertos. Listen to something without words or in a different language if you find yourself distracted by popular Top 40 songs. Let music inspire your work or play something in the background to help you focus your work energy.

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