6 Tips to Saving Money Around the House

Ence Homes would like to help you save money around the house. Here are a few tips for cutting back and saving a few dollars throughout the year.

1. The easiest way to save money on your electric or energy bill in your new Mesquite, NV home is to turn off lights you are not using or when you leave a room. Saving energy one light bulb at a time adds up after a while. You will save money on your energy bill and you will not have to buy light bulbs as often.

2. The same light bulb rule also applies to household appliances. Turn off and unplug your coffee maker when you are done brewing. Power down and shut off your computer when you are done checking emails or finished working for the day. Unplugging appliances will save you money on your energy bill in your new Mesquite, NV home. Switching to energy efficient appliances can also save you money. All new homes built by Ence Homes are green and energy efficient.


3. Turn the air conditioning up in the summer and lower your heat in the winter to save money. Your heating and cooling systems will not have to work as hard to heat or cool your home if you adjust the thermostat a few degrees. Wear a sweater and socks in the winter and keep cool in your new Mesquite, NV home with some cold lemonade in the summer.

4. Shopping sales and clipping coupons can also help you save money on items for your home. Talk to your cable provided about any sales or special prices they are running for bundling your phone, internet, cable, etc. services into one low bill. Try sites like Groupon.com or LivingSocial.com for sales or special prices for stores in your area.

5. Eat leftovers to save money on your grocery bill. Freeze extra food in small portions for easy microwave reheating. Make a shopping list for the grocery store and stick to it. Lists can help you stop over buying at the grocery store and save money for your new Mesquite, NV home.

6. Budget your money. Sticking to your budget is the best way to save money around the house. Make a list of all the things you buy for a month and research where you can cut back costs to save money.

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