Kitchen organizing tips

Your kitchen is the core of your home. You prepare meals, entertain, have family meetings and do homework amongst other things in this multifunctional room. Here are 11 tips for keeping your custom home or move-in ready homes for sale in St. George, UT kitchen organized.

1. Throw away any items in your refrigerator, cabinets and pantry that have expired or are spoiled. If you have non-perishable items that you no longer want, donate or give them away to someone so they don’t go to waste.
2. Use the cabinet space under your sink to store cleaning supplies, sponges and other kitchen tools.
3. Hang up your potholders on a hook inside a cabinet door away from your oven and your apron on your pantry door.
4. Fix or chuck anything that is broken.
5. Have designated zones. A cooking one with all your kitchenware and cooking tools together, sandwich bags, plastic wrap and aluminum foil in a drawer near the fridge, dishes by the dishwasher and pots by the stove.
6. Categorize food items together in your homes for sale in St. George, UT pantry.
7. Give a retractable bookstand a shot if you have a recipe book. It’ll be eye level when in use and can fold up under your cabinet when you’re finished.
8. Use a chalkboard or dry erase board to keep track of the cleaning supplies and groceries you need to pick up and your to-do-list for projects.
9. Have at least two cutting boards. A plastic board can be used for raw meats and a wooden one to cut up your veggies.
10. For easy access and to conserve space, place your cutting boards on top of the microwave or your fridge.
11. Clean up as you go so that you don’t leave a mess.

We hope that by using these tips your homes for sale in St. George, UT kitchen will stay organized.

Maximize the storage space at your new home

Congratulations on purchasing your new homes in St. George, UT humble abode. Now is the best time to get organized and to stay organized. Maximizing your home’s available space will help you do so. Here are six pointers to help you get the most out of the storage space at your new home.

  1. Keep your home clutter free. Ger rid of unnecessary items that you no longer need. Maximize your floor space by keeping your belongings off of the floor.
  2. Add a workbench and or built-in shelves for your tools in your garage. Conserve space in your garage by adding a storage shed to your backyard to stow lawnmowers and rakes.
  3. Use organized shelving units to store your shoes, coats, backpacks in your new homes in St. George, UT foyer.
  4. Utilize hidden storage spaces that you may have overlooked. Hang pots and pans on a wall rack or hooks in your kitchen and to store items under your beds.
  5. Transform an ordinary wall into a wall with floor to ceiling storage.
  6. Purchase multifunctional furniture that can also be used for storing items in your new homes in St. George, UT.

Fun Apps to Help with Spring Gardening or Landscaping

Do you enjoy gardening and landscaping? Well if you do, you can now utilize your iPod, iTouch, iPad or smart phone to do what you love. Ence Homes suggests these four fun apps to help with spring gardening or landscaping at your new homes in St. George, UT residence.Master Gardener Pocket Guide – Available for Android users at $1.49, this interactive app is truly a pocket guide for gardeners. You’ll learn all you need to know about gardening and be able to reference the 700 horticulture and gardening terms and concepts while planning what you want to do for your spring garden. Included in this app are flashcards, quizzes and a dictionary. You can text message a quiz to your friend and also have incorrect quiz results sent to your email.Garden Design with Jamie Durie – Durie, the HGTV personality, horticulturalist and landscape designer, gives you the scoop on gardening in this $2.99 app available through iTunes. Not only will you be able to get handy tips, see Jamie’s garden, find plants through the plant finder, share photos of your garden but see the gardens of other app users. You can also have a chance to have Jamie himself visit your garden by uploading a photo of your new homes in St. George, UT garden to their app via Facebook.

iScape – This is a landscaper’s dream where the use of creativity and colors are infused. With this app, you’re able to view the various landscaping options before even starting. You can play around with the placement of items, change up the type of mulch you’ll use, add a walkway and furniture and make sure your options are conducive to the overall design. Your kids can even get involved by creating their own vision. There’s a $4.99 version and free download version for iPhone and iPad users.

Dirr’s Tree and Shrub Finder – The Dirr’s Tree and Shrub Finder by Timber Press, Inc. is one of the more expensive apps at $14.99, but is definitely well worth it. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch or iPad’s this app is for industry professionals and the home gardener alike who are interested in trustworthy info on woody landscape plants. You’ll find over 9400 plants, can sort by scientific and common name and contains 7600 photographs. It’s very user friendly and you’ll have so much knowledge at your fingertips when working in your new homes in St. George, UT yard or looking up information on the go.

Spring is Here in St George UT

Spring is officially here. As you trade in the cooler weather for warmer weather and swap out your heavier coats for lighter jackets, your home also needs to be ready for the temperature changes. Here’s what you need to know in order to prepare your new homes in St. George, UT house for warmer weather.1. Set your thermostat to 78° or higher while you’re home and 85° or off if you’re away from home. This will help save your money on your cooling bill.
2. Turn your ceiling fans to spin counter clockwise to help move the air around.
3. Tend to your lawn and garden. Remove weeds that have grown, plant your flowers and vegetables.
4. Examine your roof for rain and snow damage.
5. Go around your house (inside and out) to see if anything needs to be replaced or repaired.
6. Change your heavier winter bedding to lighter springtime bedding.
7. Clear out your closets at your new homes in St. George, UT to make room for your spring and summer wear. Store any winter clothes you plan to wear next season and get rid of items you no longer need or want. This will help keep your his and her walk-in closets, kids closets and additional closets organized.
8. Wash and dry full loads of laundry or if you have to wash smaller loads change settings of the water level to conserve power.
9. Clean the lint screen in your dryer after every load for better air circulation and to reduce the chance of a fire.
10. Air-dry the dishes in your dishwasher to eliminate some heat in your homes in St. George, Ence move-in ready homes.
11. Give your refrigerator, freezer, cabinets and walk-in pantry a good cleaning. Check expiration dates on you food and chuck out anything that has expired. Think about donating any non-perishable goods to food banks or homeless shelters.
12. Tidy up your new homes in St. George, UT garage and stock it with everything you’ll need for spring and summer like fishing gear, golfing clubs, recreational vehicles and camping gear.

7 Tips for Easy Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air. That means it’s time to dust off your broom and mop and start Spring cleaning at your Southern Utah Home for Sale. However, Spring cleaning doesn’t mean you have to spend long hours laboring in each room until your new home is spotless. Here are a few tips from Ence Homes for keeping the cleaning simple, easy, and stress-free. Share your best Spring cleaning tips with us on Facebook.

  1. First make a list. What areas of your new home need cleaning? Then, prioritize your list. What needs to be done first? Once you have your list and your priorities straight, you can tackle your cleaning in a more organized fashion.
  1. Break your Spring Cleaning list up into chunks. Spend no more than 15-30 minutes per day cleaning. This will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed and taking on more cleaning than you are up for at your Southern Utah home for sale.
  2. Start cleaning one room at a time. It’s easier to tick projects off your list if you start in one room and break up the projects into sections. You will also feel more accomplished and motivated once you have finished cleaning one room.
  3. Start your list by de-cluttering each room. It’s difficult to clean behind furniture or other hard to reach places if there is too much stuff in the way. Once you have cleaned away the clutter, you can really clean your living spaces.
  4. When organizing your clutter, try the three pile system. Make a pile for things that you need, one for things that you don’t need but really want, and a discard pile. Place damaged, broken, or items you never use in the discard pile and then donate or throw them out when you are finished organizing.
  5. Try using green cleaning products at your Southern Utah home for sale. Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean your home, try using products that are less harmful to the environment. You will feel better about cleaning once you try them.
  6. Make cleaning fun. Listen to music or books on tape while you clean. Don’t forget to dance around and sing into your pretend microphone while you do. It’s okay to have fun while you are cleaning, especially since it will feel less like chores and work.

3 Apps to Bring Spring Colors to Your New Home in St. George, UT

Spring officially begins on March 20, so why not bring the colors of the season inside? Decorate your new home in St. George, like Ence Move-In Ready Homes, with hot new colors this season inspired by beautiful spring flowers. Popular colors this season include bright, bold colors that really make a statement. Try dark peacock blues, apricot, tangerine orange, fuchsia, and vibrant green for your new home. Warm yellows and rich, dark browns are also making a comeback this season. If you need help choosing the perfect hues for your new home, here are 3 color finding apps to help you enjoy the colors of the season when decorating for Spring.

Sherwin Williams ColorSnap app is available for both Apple and Android mobile products, including phones and tablets. With this free app, you can take a photo with your phone and tap on a color in in the photo to find a matching Sherwin William’s paint color for a room in your new home in St. George. You can save colors to your favorites, update them, and even post them to your social media. The app will even allow you to compile a color palate and locate the nearest store with your color schemes.

Painting Walls Pro app is available for Apple products only. For $2.99, you can take a picture of the room you are thinking of painting and open the picture with the app. From here you can pick Spring colors and see what the room will look like when you are finished painting. Swap out colors to find the one that suits your home décor the best. You can save your final picture and share it on your social media sites too for feedback from friends and family.

Behr Color Smart app is available for both Apple and Android mobile products. This app allows you to browse the Behr color catalog as well as designer color palettes. You can also take a picture and find the matching Behr color by tapping on the color you are interested in. This app also allows you to paint a picture of the room with the color you have chosen. When you are done designing your room, the app will calculate the amount of paint you will need for the job and help you find the store nearest your new home in St. George with available paint.

Ence’s Simple Home Buying Process

You’ve been thinking about buying a new home. Now is the time to stop thinking about purchasing that home and taking the necessary steps to own a Southern Utah homes for sale. With Ence Homes the process is easy.The first step is to connect with an Ence Representative who will introduce you to the various floorplans you can choose from. Once you pick your floorplan it is time to secure your loan and sign a purchase agreement. An Ence Representative will assist you during this process and they’ll be with you from concept to completion of your project.

The next step is to customize your home to select all the right features for your Southern Utah homes for sale with the help of the Ence Homes Design Center.

Once you have your homes design locked down it’s time to build your home. From there a community specialist and project manager will keep you in the know of the home building process. They’ll be on standby to answer any questions you may have and will send pictures to update you on the various stages of building.

After your home is complete it’s time to close on your home and get ready to move into your new home. A Homeowner Orientation meeting is available to acquaint you with the ins and outs of your home from warranty coverage to maintenance. You’ll sign the title papers and get the finances transferred during a closing appointment. Finally, keys will be handed over to make you the official homeowner.

As you can tell Ence’s home buying process is simple. So, contact a Representative to get started on your Southern Utah homes for sale today.

Benefits of Ence Green Building

Ence Homes is invested in building quality and energy efficient new homes for sale in St. George, UT. There are many benefits to choosing a Green Home by Ence.

More money

Investing in an energy efficient home will leave you with more money in your piggy bank. Your home will use less energy from your hot water heating, cooling and heating systems subsequently saving homeowners around $200 to $400 per year on your utility bills.

Healthy family

Green Homes are intended to leave your family healthier. They improve the air quality and decrease chemical toxins in your home such as dust, dust mites, pollen, dirt and mold. By living in an Ence Home you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your new homes for sale in St. George, UT rather than recovering from a cold.

Cozy living

Your custom or move-in-ready home will be more comfortable to live in because of the properly installed insulation in your floors and walls. This will keep the noise out and provide even temperatures throughout your home.

Better environment

With less energy you’re new homes for sale in St. George, UT will emit less pollution creating a better environment.

Durable home

An Ence Home will last longer and will require less maintenance due its quality construction. Your high-performance windows will keep your furniture, flooring and accessories vibrant in color from less sun damage and the properly sealed ducts will help to eradicate bugs, drafts and moisture.

These are just some of the amazing benefits onEnceGreenBuilding. Consult a representative to learn more.

Top 10 Reasons to Build an Ence Home

Here are the top 10 reasons you should build an Ence Home.

  1. Experience – Jay and Quentin Ence founded Ence Homes with a dream of building quality new homes. Since their founding in 1957, the Ence family has been creating quality homes for sale in St. George, UT andMesquite,NV. We pride ourselves on being family oriented, honest and possessing great value.
  1. Quality construction – Ence Homes takes satisfaction in quality construction of your home from the materials used to construct your home to the subcontractors hired to help build them to ensure your home lasts a lifetime.
  1. Choices – Ence Homes offers a wide range of choices with their floor plans to suit the needs of your family from their custom homes to move-in ready home.
  1. Open communication – Communication is essential to any relationship. With Ence Homes you’ll know what’s happening throughout every step of the way.
  1. Customer service – We’ll listen to our customers throughout the home building process to ensure building an Ence Homes will leave you with the home of your dreams the exact way you envisioned it. We serve to please our customers from conception to completion of your home and beyond.
  1. Warranty – Committed to our customers, each home also comes with a 10-year warranty.
  1. Energy efficient – From water-efficient, energy-efficient, resource-efficient to indoor air quality features, Ence Homes are Green Homes. Your homes for sale in St. George, UT is at least 20% more energy efficient than those built to the 2004 International Residential Code.
  1. Innovation – Ence Homes has always been a trendsetter and were amongst the first homebuilders nationwide to build their homes to the standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR program.
  1. Customer satisfaction – Ence Homes customers are satisfied with the process of building their home and the results of their beautiful homes for sale in St. George, UT and Mesquite, NV. Click here to view testimonials from customers.
  1. Awards – Ence Homes is a recognized leader in homebuilding and has been winning awards for over a decade. In recent years, Ence Homes has been awarded: the 2011 winner of the ENERGY STAR Leadership in Housing Awards, 2010 recipient of the Builder Member of the Year and 2009 Builder’s Magazine Biggest Builder award and ENEREGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award.

Gadgets that will Help Keep Your New Home Clean

Ence Homes suggests you check out these four gadgets if you’re looking to keep your new home in Mesquite, NV clean.Whether you’re washing your hands or preparing your meats the One-Touch Kitchen Faucet is the ideal gadget for your kitchen. A single touch to anyplace on the faucet turns it on. What’s also great about this gadget is that you can help cut down on the spread of germs like salmonella.

In addition to the One-Touch Kitchen Faucet, the Smash Can is another great gadget to add your kitchen. It’s definitely not your ordinary step trashcan because the lid’s built-in device crushes the trash down without you having to touch the garbage with your hands or feet. Though the sticker price is expensive at $129 for the Reduce brand, you’ll cut back on trash bags, saving you more money in the long run.

Cleaning your liter box has gotten easier with the Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box. You’ll no longer have to worry about cleaning the kitty litter yourself. This self-cleaning device has a sensor that knows when your cat is in the gadget and scoops away the waste into a sealed containment unit after your cat leaves. Prices range from $130 to $200 for the different models and would be a great gadget for your cats to use in your new home in Mesquite, NV.

An UV Sanitizer device lives up to its name and will help keep you and your home disinfected. The ultraviolet rays sterilizes products like cell phones, toothbrushes and toilet seats.

We at Ence Homes hope these gadgets will bring you one step closer to keeping your new home in Mesquite, NV clean.