Easy centerpieces for dinner parties

As you plan out your dinner party menu and outfit, don’t forget to add a center piece for décor. Your centerpieces can be determined by the occasion of your dinner party, the type of food you are serving and even the holiday or season. Ence Homes offers these ideas for easy centerpieces for dinner parties at your new homes in Mesquite, NV.Edible delights – there’s nothing better than edible treats. Fill several bowls with fruit, candy, nuts or even appetizers that your dinner party guests can snack on while waiting for dinner to be served. Put some balloons and bows around the bowls to add some pizzazz.

Fall colors – spread a fall themed table cloth or table runner onto your dining room table or other tables in your home.  Accentuate it with seasonal flowers, pumpkins, carrots, oranges and other types of fall vegetables and fruits in a vase or bowl. You can even add some colorful leaves from your new homes in Mesquite, NV yard around the table.

Seaside heights – if seafood’s on the menu then why not accompany it with an ocean inspired center piece? To bring the sea to your new homes in Mesquite, NV dinner table fill several vases with white sand, seashells and candles.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and is on June 19h this year. No matter if you plan on spending the day with Dad around your homes for sale St. George, UT or around town, there are many ways to enjoy the day and honor Dad. Ence Homesrecommends these five fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day.Father’s Day card – as simple as this seems buy a Father’s Day card you can add a personal message to. It’s a unique and fun way to show love to your dad.

Handmade book – create a handmade book with some of Dads memorable sayings, his favorite quotes and family pictures. It’s fun and a creative way to celebrate your father and you can keep it on the mantle or coffee table in yourhomes for sale St. George, UT for more than Father’s Day.

Social networking – if you’re on Twitter, Facebook or any of the social networking sites, do a live tweet or status update shouting out Dad. You can do it from home or any place you’re celebrating Father’s Day. Don’t forget to take a photo with the family to share with your family, friends or followers.

Snack Can – take a piece of colored construction paper and cut it to fit around a coffee can. Using markers or crayons, draw fun pictures and decorate it with everything from stickers and glitter. After everything has dried, glue the decorated paper onto the coffee can and then cover the paper with clear contact paper. Once that’s complete fill the can with Dads favorite snacks and maybe even a gadget.

Crown Dad King – give Dad the day off by crowning him King for the Day. Have a barbecue with his favorite foods, drinks and play his favorite songs and tunes dedicated Dad. Get his car detailed and fill up the gas tank, or better yet wash his car in your homes for sale St. George, UT driveway.



Fun Ways to Celebrate the Women in Your Life for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time to honor and celebrate the special women in our lives. Whether they’re mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters, aunts or friends Ence Homes appreciates all they’ve done and continue to do. Here are some fun ways to celebrate the women in your life for Mother’s Day in your homes for sale in Mesquite, NV

Family Karaoke – Nothing will show the women in your life how much you love them than singing karaoke songs devoted to them. Mom can join in or simply enjoy the kids, grandkids and Dad sing.

Mother’s Day Celebration – The way to a woman’s heart is for her to have a day off from cooking. Host a Mother’s Day celebration BBQ or feast with their favorite foods at your homes for sale in Mesquite, NV. This is a great way to honor the women in the life and have the family over for good times.

Thank You – Call up all the special women in your life and thank them for being an integral part of your life. A simple thank you goes a long way and shows them

Marathon Mania – Are the Moms movie lovers? At your home, have a marathon of the women in your life’s favorite movies, actor, and T.V. series.

Quality time –Make it appoint to spend quality time with the Mom’s in your life. It can be economical or expensive and range from whatever Mom wants to do from going to an amusement park, white water rafting, skydiving, going to the theater or taking a daytrip.

Mom Coupons – Enlist the help of the kids to create a coupon book for Mom that will have a list of tasks you’ll do for her. The kids will enjoy creating the booklet that Mom is sure to enjoy. They can be daily chores around your homes for sale in Mesquite, NV, a spa day and anything you know they’re sure to enjoy.