Filling Your Home With Thanksgiving


Ways to Give Back and Give Thanks

Is there a more thrilling time of year than the present? There’s the change in the weather, time spent with family at home and the holiday season. Although there are downsides to the colder temperatures, there is so much goodness to look forward to and be a part of.

During this holiday season we hope that everyone can fill their home, but even more so the hearts of others, with love. Here are some great ideas on how to give back this year.


Many people are in need of basic necessities right here in our own neighborhood of St. George. Give back by donating food, clothing, or simply giving of your time. There are nearly endless projects to get involved in during the holidays that pay big dividends for those that choose to serve.


Are you an incredible baker? Do you love to paint? Are you really good at creating crafts? Use the talents you’ve been given to better someone’s life. A warm loaf of bread or beautiful mural can change a person’s whole outlook on their situation. Your actions can brighten a day for a person who is struggling or just down on their luck.

Do Good

As you’re driving home from work or just out on a nice stroll, look for someone to help and lift. Write someone a letter or a kind Facebook message. Smile at someone you don’t know or compliment someone for a good quality you see in them. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while but could use a pick-me-up. Pay for someone’s groceries or for someone’s food in the drive-through. The list is endless.


Our world is often selfish and shortsighted. Surprise someone and give just because you have the capacity to do so. Don’t expect anything in return for your gift. Our world needs more people that give without the thought of a “return on their investment.”

This list is only the beginning to a holiday season full of true joy. We hope that your homes are full of love and thanks during this festive season.