Front Door Décor Tips

Your front entryway should be the central focus to the exterior of your home. It’s probably the most commonly used door at your house and is often overlooked. Check out these front door décor tips to add curb appeal to your new home in St. George.

Even though it’s not the holiday season, add a wreath to your front door. Colors like pink, yellow and blue are perfect for the summer season. Don’t forget the bow for extra pizzazz.

Create symmetry to your front door with potted plants, flowers or trees. This is sure to add a welcoming appeal for you and your guests.

Speaking of guests, allow them to enter your new home in St. George to music. Hang wind chimes to the front door or door handle.

With a fresh coat of paint or repainting the door a bold color, you are sure to liven up you front door. Select a color that flows with the rest of the décor. You can complete the look by adding a welcome mat and a vintage doorknob or handle.

Enhance the front door by putting your family’s monogram on your doorknocker. It’s quick and easy but is a lovely addition to your front door décor.

We hope these tips will give you some ideas for front door décor. For more information on our new home in St. George communities or other properties, call us at 855-580-1900.

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