Fun Summer Activities for Kids at home

The kids are out for the summer and you’re looking for ways to keep them busy over break. Though they have chores to do and summer homework and reading assignments to complete, they should have some fun, right? Here are six pleasurable activities for your kids to enjoy at your new home in St. George.

  1. Have your aspiring horticulturalists make a potted plant with their favorite flower or veggie to water, nurture and watch grow all summer long. It’ll also help them be responsible.
  1. Invite your kid’s friends over for a backyard camp out. You can help them pitch their tent while setting the ground rules for the night. They can try to catch lightning bugs and make S’mores in your fire pit, with your supervision of course. They’re sure to have a good time staying up all night telling stories and having fun inside the tent.
  1. Encourage your kids to stay fit during the summer by turning your new home in St. George backyard into a play land. A tree swing is sure to keep them busy all summer long while running through a sprinkler or down a water slide will help them cool down from the summer heat.
  1. For bragging rights amongst siblings, set up a friendly tournament or challenge with their favorite video games and board games.
  1. Plan a night outside to stargaze. This is perfect for parents with elementary and middle school-aged children to teach them about the solar system in a fun way. Turn it into a neighborhood event by inviting your fellow Ence Homes neighbors over for some BBQ and then an evening of stargazing.
  1. Take an arts and crafts project to a higher level. Help your kids put together a bird feeder. This is sure to keep them occupied for hours. After it’s decorated and the feeder is filled with seeds, hang it up in your backyard. We suggest placing it in an area that’s easy to see from your new home in St. George. This is one summer activity that you and your family can enjoy throughout the year as the birds come to visit and eat the seeds you’ve put out for them.
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