How to Clean Wood Furniture

The first thought that probably comes to head reading this is, “I can just use pledge, do my normal clean tactics, and I am good.” Cleaning wood isn’t complicated but there are good ways to do it and not so great ways to do it.

  • cleaning-suppliesCleaning Supplies


  • If you want to use something different than pledge, get white vinegar and some olive oil. You will also need some water and a vacuum.


  • Prepare the area
    • You have to move things. There is nothing worse for wood than simply cleaning around the area that thing sits on. Move the TV, the picture frames, and the magazines from the area.
  • Vacuum-On-WoodVacuum


  • Get the dust off of where you are going to clean so that it doesn’t mix in with the other cleaning products. If necessary get a piece of cloth to remove any dust you can’t get with the vacuum.
  • Clean
    • Mix the white vinegar with water. DO NOT USE A DAMP RAG. Ring it out. Water can damage wood if it gets through the finish. By releasing the excess water you ensure the protection of the wood.
  • Polish
  • white_wine_vinegaAfter removing all moisture, mix the white vinegar and the olive oil and give the wood a nice shine. Test a small area of the wood to make sure you have a safe consistency.
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