Why Move to St. George, Utah

Utah is famous for its outdoor scene, home to some of the most beautiful desert landscapes and snowy peaks on earth. Some of the most famous U.S. National Parks also lie within Utah’s borders, drawing in travelers from across the globe to witness the beautiful scenery that so many Utahans call home. Rich with history, close knit communities, and a thriving economy, many people aren’t just coming to Utah to visit – they’re coming here to make it their home, and St. George is a name standing out to those looking to move west.

In St. George, these National Parks are your backyard. The surrounding areas are a theme park to locals, with stunning landscapes that are yours to rock climb, hike, mountain bike, swim, boat, camp, photograph, and more. With Zion National Park under an hour away, it’s a quick escape for St. George locals to take a short afternoon trip or a weekend escape to get outdoors. Other National Parks near Southern Utah include Bryce Canyon, Arches, the Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef.

Southern Utah is home to a number of State Parks as well, so you can experience the beauty of the area without the crowds. Snow Canyon State Park, a famously photographed area, lies right outside of St. George, with paved biking and walking trails, sand dunes, as well as plenty of hikes. For those who love boating or being in the water, Sand Hollow Reservoir, a blue lake nestled in the low lying red cliffs, is just 20 minutes north of St. George and is a popular place to go from the spring to the fall. Quail Creek and Gunlock Reservoir are also close by, which are popular fishing spots.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is huge part of St. George culture, which is why there are so many hiking and biking trails throughout the city and surrounding areas. The community has many sports activities, rec centers, and local teams for kids to join. St. George is known for having the best golf courses in Utah, and has almost a dozen golf courses for varying skill levels in the area – all with the stunning views that surround St. George.

Zion National Park

Dixie State University, established in 1911 in the heart of St. George, pulls in students across Utah and out of state due to its affordable tuition, opportunities, and lifestyle the campus offers to students. Dixie Applied Technology College and Stevens-Henager College are also in St. George. Many schooling options are available for K-12 for young students across the area to fit their needs, and the community culture is highly supportive and involved in student life in the area.

St. George attracts many who want to live in Utah but don’t like long winters – namely the cold and the snow. This southwestern desert climate is perfect for those who love the heat and the sun. On average, St. George experiences over 300 sunny days out of the year, and usually doesn’t see snow in the winter. Sitting just under 3,000 feet above sea level, an average temperature in December would be in the mid forties, while an average temperature in July is in the high nineties. This makes for more days out of the year to get the family outside.

Because of the family-friendly communities, warm weather, and abundance of beautiful retirement communities in St. George, the city is a popular place for retirees to locate to. With the size of the city at around 82,000 in population, and the population of Washington County sitting at a little over 150,000, there isn’t a shortage of places to shop and eat for all of your needs. St. George has an expanding airport with regional flights to Salt Lake, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and its newest added flight to Los Angeles. For needs outside of St. George, Las Vegas is only 118 miles to the south and Salt Lake City is 300 miles to the north.

There is a reason why St. George was one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. in 2005, second only to Greeley, Colorado. The growth has continued at a fast pace since then, and is the fastest growing city in Utah. It’s a beautiful, safe place to live for all ages and demographics, with plenty to do and a place you’ll be proud to call home.