St. George Biking and Walking Trails

St. George is known for its abundance of biking and walking trails throughout the city, including parts of Washington, Bloomington, Santa Clara, Ivins, and other surrounding areas. While Southern Utah draws in hikers and mountain bikers to the area because of the National Parks nearby, St. George residents can enjoy biking right in town. The paved trails are well maintained, even in the rural areas outside of town where the trails extend to.

Urban Trails
Bear Claw Poppy – this 4.1 mile trail connects Green Valley to Bloomington
Bluff Street – .8 miles long, from Bluff Street until Turtle Road
Fort Pearce Wash – .75 miles that is handicap accessible
Fort Pearce Industrial Park – .6 miles with desert flora
Gas Line – 1.1 miles of scenic desert
Halfway Wash – 1.6 miles with large, old trees to shade the path
Highway 18 – a biking trail among the red rocks with gentle sloping hills
Hilton Drive – 1.5 miles and parallels 1-15
Mathis Park Trail – a short walking trail that extends from Mathis Park
Middleton Wash – 1.5 miles long and connects with the Virgin River trail
Rim Rock – along with other trails, this area offers a cumulative of 6.7 miles roundtrip
Sand Hollow Wash – 1.8 miles and handicap accessible.
Santa Clara River – 3.2 miles long paralleling the Santa Clara River
Snow Canyon – 3.1 mile trail through the red rocks near Snow Canyon
Temple Quarry – 2.1 miles with a view of Green Valley and St. George
Virgin River – 8.2 miles showcasing the beauty of the Virgin River
Virgin River South – 1.2 miles and handicap accessible
Webb Hill – .75 mile long connecting 60 east and Vermillion Avenue

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Trails sprawl across different parts of the valley, showcasing the colorful rocks of Southern Utah – namely its signature red sandstone that dominates the area. Trails in the northwest have views of Snow Canyon, the south with views of Bloomington and the Virgin River, and trails in the east with views of the Pine Valley Mountains and Zion in the distance. Convenient trails run throughout town and are perfect for those on a tight schedule. St. George’s community has a very active lifestyle for all ages, offering many activities and locations that make it fun and easy to get out and get active.

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