David and Vicki Bennett

We just wanted to let you know that it has been a pleasure building an Ence home. From the beginning, the realtors were very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable about the homes they are selling. They kept us informed about buying our lot and building our home. We always felt comfortable going to the model home and asking them questions about the area or the homes. All the realtors at Ence homes were great to visit with.

Amanda Phelps [in the Ence Design Center] was a joy to work with and very helpful in making the choices that we needed to make. We were very impressed with all the contractors that came to the pre-construction meeting. They all helped us to work out what we needed to do to stay within our budget.

Thanks to [the Ence Homes’ landscaping subcontractor] for the beautiful landscaping. We debated if we should do our backyard ourselves or have a friend do it. We are so happy that we had him do the back, there is no way we could have made it as lovely as it is now. He did an awesome job.

[The Ence Homes’ framing subcontractor] is amazing [and was] very kind and very good at their job.

Now, hats off to Jim Cobb [our Ence Homes’ superintendent], he has been wonderful to work with. We probably drove him nuts but he was always very professional but like a best friend, he kept us calm and informed through the process. We felt like we always had stupid questions, but he always insured us that there was no such thing as a ‘stupid question’. He wanted to make sure that we were happy with our home. He talked to us daily and explained everything that was going on. He is really great to work with. We so appreciated him for sending us pictures while we were still in Cache Valley.

From what we observed he was very kind to all the workers. He made building a home fun instead of the stressful stories we had heard from our friends.

We have had friends that have built homes with other companies and we have heard nightmare stories about their process. It is a pleasure to tell our friends how great it was to work with all your people.

Thanks to all the Ence people for helping us get our beautiful home.