Karen Chynoweth

My goodness…. What a beautiful home! I have had a big smile and a few tears of joy all afternoon realizing that my home is at this stage so quickly and looks so amazing. When you are at the design center, you are hoping that everything will look well together, and I am so very happy with the results.

Doing business with Ence Homes is an absolute pleasure. When I read the papers you sent of what to expect next, I realized that because of my conversation with Cody, I really expected my home home to be finished at the end of May; I hadn’t ever heard the sixty-four days from the time of pouring the footings! Even finishing in May would have been amazing to me. Homes in our community take between six to twelve months!

May I also say that the quality of work that I have witnessed is most impressive. I have friends who are looking forward to the day when they can have this experience. I have shared photos and my experiences with Ence Homes, and they have been so impressed because they all know what a perfectionist I am and how anal retentive I can be about how things ought to be accomplished in this life! I highly recommend anyone who is thinking of building in the St. George area to go through the building process with the Ence team. The father of these men has to be so impressed with the expectations, work ethic, and business acuity they have developed to turn Ence Homes into such a thriving business.

You, Del Ray, are priceless to work with. I so value the honesty, integrity, patience, and thoughtfulness you have given to me, a woman who knows very little about this whole building process and who has a tendency to worry myself sick about things I do not understand well.

Thank You for all that you do.