Lorraine M. Bills, Administrative Claim Manager

I wanted to take the time to express what a great experience it has been purchasing this home. Your company builds fantastic homes and provides hassle free customer service. It is no wonder you are number one building in Southern Utah! I work in the service industry and I do expect more when it comes to customer service because I deal with customers all day everyday. In my office we have over 100 employees and I have not hesitated to let them know what a great experience this has been. I will recommend anyone who wants to purchase a home to purchase an Ence Home if they want the best!

I want you to know what great employees you have.WOW!

My husband and I kept waiting for something to be negative because that is what we have experienced with contractors in the past but it never happened.

Once again my sincere Thanks! I will recommend an Ence home to anyone and if I ever sell this house I will buy another Ence home.