Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in your New Home

You’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home. As your prepare for Turkey Day there are things to keep in mind. Here are tips for hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your new home in St. George, UT.

Prepare ahead of time as much as possible. Pre-select your Thanksgiving dinner menu, know how many guests you’re having, how much you’re planning to serve, where everyone will eat and where your serving station will be. Look through your supplies to see if you need any additional serving trays, pots and pans, utensils and dishes.

Cook as much as you can ahead of time to alleviate the stress and pressure of Thanksgiving Day. For a juicy and delicious turkey, leave enough time for it to thaw and not to overcook it.

Set the mood by placing Thanksgiving ornaments and scented candles throughout your house, adding centerpieces to your table and hanging a Thanksgiving wreath on your new home in St. George, UT door.

Even though you’re the host, enlist the help of your guests. They can assist by cooking, decorating, setting the table and cleaning up. If a guest asks if they should bring something, say yes! A potluck is a great idea, especially if it’s your first year as host. Your guests can bring a desert, wine or a dish or two to accompany your main course. This will allow you to spend more time with your friends and family and less time in the kitchen.

Party favors for your guests to take home are a way to thank them for sharing the holiday with you. Keep them practical and Thanksgiving themed. Popular party favors include miniature pumpkins, mini bottles of maple syrup, scented candles, decorative baked goods and spiced candied nuts.

Remember, Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and share this holiday with your friends and family. Following these tips for hosting Thanksgiving at your new home in St. George, UT should help make this years Turkey Day run smooth. Ence Homes wishes your and your guests a wonderful Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble!


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