Tips to Make Moving to your New Home Easier

Moving is a fun and exciting time. But as you prepare to move into your St. George, UT new homes sale there are many things to keep in mind to make your move a smooth and easy process. Ence Homes suggests the following tips to make moving to your new home easier. 

Plan – have a strategy for moving into your new home. Create a checklist to stay organized, pack one room at a time and pack non-essential items first. Hold onto your receipts, keep track of your spending and inventory. Decide where you’re going to place your furniture before hand to situate yourself quicker. You should categorize your boxes with colored stickers or mark them specifically to know what’s in the boxes and where they are going.

 Kicking Kitchen – your St. George, UT new homes sale kitchen will be the heart of your home. Unpacking your kitchen and setting this room up first and making it functional  

Luggage – utilize your suitcases and duffle bags by filling them up with your linens, clothes and bath towels and kitchen towels. You’ll be able to easily spot these items in your new home versus packing them in boxes.

Out With the Old – there is no need to take excess papers and or belongings with you. Go through any clothes you may no longer wear or want and any items you no longer use or need and get ride of them. Check to see if you can donate, recycle, throw away or have a yard sale so you’re not bringing them into your new home. 

Safe Keeping – it’s important to keep your important documents and equipment like birth certificates, jewelry, financial records, school records, prescriptions and other items together and in a safe and easy place to find. Transport these items yourself to your St. George, UT new homes sale.


In the Know – Notify all appropriate companies and people of your move including your credit card companies, employers, bank, post office, utility companies and friends of your change of address.

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