Design 101: Top 5 Home Design Concepts

Design 101: Top 5 Home Design Concepts

When designing your new home it is important to keep in mind these five design concepts.


Harmony. This is image is an example of harmony in interior design.Harmony in design is the combining of similar or related elements to create a sense of unity or harmony.

When choosing decor or your tile backsplash, it is important to choose a similar element such as color, shape, or texture to incorporate throughout the space.

For example, in our Red Waters Model, you can see floral artwork, and a similar color palette is used throughout the home.


Rhythm. This image is an example of rhythm in interior design.

The second design concept we think is important when designing your home is rhythm. Rhythm is the visual repetition of patterns. You can create visual interest by repeating color, shapes, patterns, or textures.

An example of rhythm would be, repeating light fixtures in your kitchen or hanging similar wall art throughout your home.

Rhythm engages the eye and creates an underlying sense of unity. It also encourages the eye to move around the room.


Balance. This image is an example of balance in interior design.

Balance is the third design concept we think is important when designing your dream home. Balance is the distribution of the visual weight of objects, colors, texture, and space. Balance can be symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial balance.

An example of balance could be two equally sized windows positioned on a wall with symmetrical furniture placed between them. Or it could be decorating a long table with vases of varying heights and widths on each side, but so it looks visually balanced on each side.

Focal Point

Focal Point. This image is an example of interior design using focal point.

Another design concept that is important to keep in mind when building your new home is focal point.

The focal point is where a viewer’s eyes should land when they enter a room. A focal point is a great way to highlight the best feature in a room, and should be the feature you build the rest of the design around.

An example, of using a focal point in design, would be designing a living space around a cozy fireplace or a beautiful piece of art.

Proportion and Scale

Proportion. Image shows an example of proportion in design.

The last design concept we think is important when it comes to designing your dream home is proportion and scale.

The scale is the size of one object in relation to another. While proportion is the relationship in size between two objects.

An example of scale and proportion in this first photo would be the center vases. The varying scale of the vases creates more visual interest for the viewer.

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