Traveling with children

Now that summer has arrived, it means it is time to soak in the sun and travel! Traveling with small children can be difficult at times, but we have four tips to help your trip run smoothly.

Let your child bring a backpack of essentials.

Before you hit the road, let your child bring a small backpack of their favorite items and snacks. This will keep them occupied while you are driving.

kidCapture memories.

Go to your local grocery store and buy a disposable camera for your little one. They will be able to take pictures of interesting things they see on the road and you can develop the pictures after the trip.

cameraWatch movies.

What better way to keep your child occupied than playing their favorite movie? Better yet, bring a couple of their favorite movies so they can choose which one they would like to watch on the road.

caseKeep a first aid kit handy.

It is always better to come prepared. Just in case any injury occurs while on the road, it is nice to have a band aid or two in hand. Keep a first aid kit in the car.


first aid


We hope these travel tips are helpful! If you are making your way down to southern Utah, please stop by Ence Homes. Happy traveling!

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