What Guests Really Notice in Your Home

Our St. George luxury homes attract attention. If you’re hosting an open house or just a get together with friends, here’s some nice touches your guests will appreciate.


Decor isn’t the first thing a guest notices when walking through your door. It’s the smell. Your nose has acclimatized to the lingering smell of fish from last night’s dinner, but it will punch your guests in the nose like a Mike Tyson left jab. Light a candle or simmer a pot of citrus peels and cinnamon sticks.

orchidsFresh Flowers

Fresh flowers add life to your custom home and can serve as the focal point of any room. Some minimalist designers will even argue they’re the only decoration your house really needs. Buy some potted flowers like orchids. With a little tender loving care, they’ll last a month or longer.




Lack of Clutter

A tidy space puts the mind at ease. You don’t need a deep clean, just organize some of that clutter. A coffee table tray or lidded box will help you hide away those keys or stray books.


towelA Tidy Bathroom

This is big one. Make sure you have some clean hand towels ready and for an added touch, light a candle.







An Organized Entryway

A coat rack and a place to sit while taking shoes off is extremely underrated.

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