Woodland, O’Brien & Scott Perform Survey to Ence Homes’ Homebuyers

The purpose of this post is to inform you of our very successful customer satisfaction survey project administered by Woodland, O’Brien & Scott.  We want to thank you for the huge response they received from our homeowners (more than 74% of our Ence Homes’ homeowners completed and returned the survey)!  Woodland, O’Brien & Scott tells us this is a fantastic response rate, and is more than statistically significant meaning it accurately depicts Ence Homes’ overall customer satisfaction.

Just last week, Woodland, O’Brien & Scott presented your feedback to our management team. The results were quite frankly, enlightening.  We learned that we are doing a lot of things extremely well.  We also learned we have some improvement opportunities, to make sure future homeowners have an even smoother and more enjoyable home buying experience.

According to Woodland, O’Brien & Scott, our Ence Homes Team near the nation’s top performers in terms of “Willingness To Refer their Homebuilder.”  We are not happy with this because we don’t want to be near the top in home building; we want to be the best!  Thanks to your feedback we know what we need to improve that journey.  Our goal is that customers ultimately love their homes and home building experience so much that they actively recommend Ence Homes to their family members and friends.   In that regard, we also want to sincerely thank the 75+ Ence homeowners who indicated that they are actively referring Ence Homes to family members and friends.  What a compliment!

Each of us at Ence Homes is extremely pleased that you chose our company as the builder of your new home.  In the few cases where we may have fallen short of your expectations, we hope to re-earn your trust during your warranty service experience.  In any event, we sincerely appreciate so many of you taking the time to share your opinions, suggestions and many complements.


Tracy and Troy

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