Tips to Creating a Pet Friendly Home

Creating a comfortable and enjoyable living space in your innovative and energy efficient Ence Homes for yourself is just as important as it is for your furry friends. Here are some tips for keeping your new Mesquite, NV real estate home clean while creating a pet friendly environment.

  1. Designate a pet area in your home near an entryway. This is especially helpful and convenient for your outdoor pets that will track dirt inside your home. You can furnish the room with built-in shelves and storage containers to stow away their food, toys, leashes and towels to clean them off before they head back in the house.
  2. Grooming and washing your pet on a consistent basis is essential to keeping your Mesquite, NV real estate household clean. Pets with manicured nails can’t ruin your upholstery by clawing at it or marking up your vinyl floors. You’ll also do away with excess hair that can spread throughout your home on furniture, floors and curtains. Fresh pets equal less smelly and more cleaned homes.
  3. Dirt, pet hair and odors can collect throughout your home. Keep a well-maintained house by cleaning and vacuuming. When your pets are shedding you may have to vacuum more to avoid the buildup of unwanted hairs.
  4. The type of flooring you chose in your Mesquite, NV real estate home can make a world of difference. Vinyl flooring is more practical when it comes to cleaning up after your pets.  It’ll help avoid carpet-clawing cats and is easier to clean up any pet messes versus carpets that attract stains and trap pet odors. If you do want some carpet in areas of your Ence Homes that have flooring, chose machine washable area rugs over wall-to-wall carpeting because they’re sturdy and less expensive to replace.
  5. When selecting the color scheme of your home you may choose colors that match your pet in order for the hairs they leave behind to be less noticeable. You may purchase a brown throw cover to match your chocolate lab or paint an assenting wall orange to match your Red Mackerel Tabby.