Paved Biking Trails in St. George

St. George is famous for being a bike-friendly community. While there are countless off-road trails in the surrounding areas for skilled mountain biking, there’s also paved, mild-grade trails all throughout St. George for all skill levels. Keep in mind that these are all multi-use trails, meaning that you’ll likely run into non-bikers on the trail.

Virgin River Parkway

This 7 mile long trail begins at East Riverside Drive and ends at the Man o’ War Trailhead in Bloomington. An easy trail for all skill levels and ages, you can make the trip as short or long as you prefer. The trail provides little shade through the length of it, so come prepared with sunblock, hats, and plenty of water. For the best times to ride it, try it in the spring or fall, or ride it in the mornings during the summer. The trail becomes the City of Washington Mill Creek Trail after the 0.7 bike lane section on East Riverside Drive. This well-maintained paved path provides an excellent view of the Virgin River, trailing alongside the river with views of St. George and the Bloomington Country Club golf course.

Snow Canyon Loop

The Snow Canyon Loop is 18 miles round trip, stretching from the urban edges of Bluff Street to the deep red valleys of Snow Canyon. This easy-to-traverse trail is ideal for any length you want to make it, although there are steep grades throughout the trail that inexperienced bikers may have to walk. If you’re looking for a secluded, quiet trail with Southern Utah’s red trademark beauty, the Snow Canyon Loop is as close as it gets. Restrooms and drinks are available at the Snow Canyon campground. You’ll also be sharing this trail with other bikers, hikers, rollerbladers, and joggers, although this trail never feels crowded.

Sand Hollow Wash

This trail begins at the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center off of Sunset Drive and ends at Lava Flow Drive. This is a short trail just shy of a mile, stretching 0.9 miles in length (one way). This trail runs north to south, past Snow Canyon High School and the Dixie Downs area. Gentle slopes make up the length of it, so this is a great trail to take beginners and young children on. If you’re looking for an easy trail to exercise on frequently without the hassle of driving too far outside of town, this is a great day-to-day trail if you live in the area.

Halfway Wash Trail

The Halfway Wash Trail is a connecting trail to the Snow Canyon Loop, right at Snow Canyon Parkway. 1.9 miles long, this trail sits at the northern end of St. George and has stunning views of the red cliffs and the desert landscape. This is a shady trail that winds through parks and across bridges, providing an easy to moderate trail for all skill levels. Other trails that connect to Halfway Wash include Chuckwalla Trail, Paradise Rim Trail, and Turtle Wall trail, all easily accessed within the area. However, these adjacent trails are not all paved. Expect good surface conditions for this trail. There is an alternate trailhead for Halfway Wash east of the shopping center at Sunset and Dixie.

Fort Pierce Wash Trail

Crossing with the Virgin River Parkway trail, this short, easy trail is 0.7 miles in length with great views at the top. This trail meets with the east end of the Webb Hill Trail, and at the Larkspur trailhead, meets with the Bloomington Hills North Trail. This is the steepest part of the trail with an 8% grade. This trail is good for families with young children and is wheelchair accessible.

St. George Trails

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