Lighten up your home for summer

Gain ideas from these tips below to give your new home in St. George a fresher and lighter look.

  1. Create depth and open up your great room with a glass top coffee table.
  1. Replace your colored bath towels with white ones to lighten up the look in your bathroom.
  1. Remove your area rugs for the summer or replace them with bamboo or cotton ones.
  1. Swap out your heavier curtains with thinner ones to allow the sun to shine into your new home in St. George.
  1. Open up your windows and add a fan to cool down your home. There are many different styles to chose from that will add energy into your home.
  1. Change any dark colored picture frames and lampshades in your home with bright colored or white ones. This will infuse your home with summer colors and help lighten up your space.
  1. Pack up and store your winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves.
  1. Keep your property landscaped and lawn manicured to ensure it doesn’t become overgrown and unkempt.
  1. Bring in the fresh flowers and fruits from your garden and display them in your kitchen.
  1. Just like for any other season, do some summer cleaning to declutter your bedrooms, bathrooms, great room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and garage.

These ten tips are sure to help you lighten up your new home in St. George during the summer months. After all, that is the key to decorating during this season. Don’t forget to like our page on Facebook.

Stocking a first aid kit for your new home

You’ve just moved into your new home and have it looking the way you want. But your new home in St. George, UT humble abode is not complete without a first aid kit. First aid kits help prepare you for those emergency situations around your home. They should be easily accessible and in a place everyone knows about to avoid having to search for it when those uh oh moments happen. Your first aid kit should include the following items:

  1. Tweezers
  2. Scissors
  3. Safety pins
  4. Sewing needle
  5. Aspirin for adults only
  6. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen in both child and adult dosages
  7. Oral thermometer
  8. Q-tips
  9. Cotton balls or swabs
  10. Surgical gloves
  11. Non-latex gloves
  12. Adhesive bandages in various sizes
  13. Latex-free bandages
  14. Sterile gauge pads
  15. Ace bandage
  16. Rubbing alcohol
  17. Aloe vera gel
  18. Calamine lotion
  19. Hand sanitizer and a bar of soap
  20. Hydrocortisone
  21. Saline eye drops
  22. Eyedropper
  23. Packets of sugar in case of low blood sugar
  24. Cold pack
  25. Sunscreen
  26. Flashlight
  27. Wipes
  28. Candles and matches
  29. Batteries
  30. Plastic bags to dispose contaminated materials

Take into account your family’s needs, such as personal medicines, medical conditions and allergies, after buying or assembling your own kit. An EpiPen or Twinject is great to include for those who suffer from severe allergies and have been prescribed by your doctor. Don’t forget to include information on each family member with their birth dates, medical history, medical consent forms, medications and allergies as well as emergency contact information for your family physician and pediatrician, poison control and nearest hospital and clinic to your new home in St. George, UT.

Check your kit about every three months, restock it after you use items and check the dates on medicines to ensure nothing has expired. It’s also a good idea to keep one handy in your car and boat in addition to keeping a well-stocked first aid in your new home in St. George, UT.

Kitchen organizing tips

Your kitchen is the core of your home. You prepare meals, entertain, have family meetings and do homework amongst other things in this multifunctional room. Here are 11 tips for keeping your custom home or move-in ready homes for sale in St. George, UT kitchen organized.

1. Throw away any items in your refrigerator, cabinets and pantry that have expired or are spoiled. If you have non-perishable items that you no longer want, donate or give them away to someone so they don’t go to waste.
2. Use the cabinet space under your sink to store cleaning supplies, sponges and other kitchen tools.
3. Hang up your potholders on a hook inside a cabinet door away from your oven and your apron on your pantry door.
4. Fix or chuck anything that is broken.
5. Have designated zones. A cooking one with all your kitchenware and cooking tools together, sandwich bags, plastic wrap and aluminum foil in a drawer near the fridge, dishes by the dishwasher and pots by the stove.
6. Categorize food items together in your homes for sale in St. George, UT pantry.
7. Give a retractable bookstand a shot if you have a recipe book. It’ll be eye level when in use and can fold up under your cabinet when you’re finished.
8. Use a chalkboard or dry erase board to keep track of the cleaning supplies and groceries you need to pick up and your to-do-list for projects.
9. Have at least two cutting boards. A plastic board can be used for raw meats and a wooden one to cut up your veggies.
10. For easy access and to conserve space, place your cutting boards on top of the microwave or your fridge.
11. Clean up as you go so that you don’t leave a mess.

We hope that by using these tips your homes for sale in St. George, UT kitchen will stay organized.

Gadgets that will Help Keep Your New Home Clean

Ence Homes suggests you check out these four gadgets if you’re looking to keep your new home in Mesquite, NV clean.Whether you’re washing your hands or preparing your meats the One-Touch Kitchen Faucet is the ideal gadget for your kitchen. A single touch to anyplace on the faucet turns it on. What’s also great about this gadget is that you can help cut down on the spread of germs like salmonella.

In addition to the One-Touch Kitchen Faucet, the Smash Can is another great gadget to add your kitchen. It’s definitely not your ordinary step trashcan because the lid’s built-in device crushes the trash down without you having to touch the garbage with your hands or feet. Though the sticker price is expensive at $129 for the Reduce brand, you’ll cut back on trash bags, saving you more money in the long run.

Cleaning your liter box has gotten easier with the Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box. You’ll no longer have to worry about cleaning the kitty litter yourself. This self-cleaning device has a sensor that knows when your cat is in the gadget and scoops away the waste into a sealed containment unit after your cat leaves. Prices range from $130 to $200 for the different models and would be a great gadget for your cats to use in your new home in Mesquite, NV.

An UV Sanitizer device lives up to its name and will help keep you and your home disinfected. The ultraviolet rays sterilizes products like cell phones, toothbrushes and toilet seats.

We at Ence Homes hope these gadgets will bring you one step closer to keeping your new home in Mesquite, NV clean.

New Home Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is the core of your home and is essential to your living experience. It’s the place where you eat, do homework, share memories, have family discussion and entertain your visitors and guests. Ence Homes offers these new home kitchen trends for your St. George, NV homes.Have you thought about remodeling your kitchen? 2011 is the year for dark finishes with a rise in deep reddish-brown, espresso and ebony finishes for floors and cabinets whereas white, medium and glazed color finishes are on the decline.

The kitchen table is also making a comeback with families eating dinner at the table creating quality time and great moments for your and your family in your St. George, NV homes.

Kitchen recycling centers, trash pullouts and trash compactors are catching steam as well.

Lighting has always been a necessity in your home and is also a way to express your personality. Adding pendant, monorail or billiard lighting fixtures, chandeliers or contemporary drum shades to your kitchen can spruce it up. Energy efficient LED cool and warm lights can also enhance your kitchen décor.

Bright colors in your kitchen are also popular. Consider adding colorful appliances and accessories to infuse your St. George, NV homes kitchen. A vibrant accented wall can give your kitchen some extra splash.

Using one or all of these trends is a way to enhance your kitchen. After all, when you spend some much time in a particular room, why not make it comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and functional.


5 Tips to Creating a More Productive Home Office Space

When looking for St. George, UT homes for sale, it is important to find the space for a home office if you plan to work from home. Ence Homes would like to help you keep that work space as productive as possible. Here are a few tips for fighting writers block and staying more proactive when working from home.

1. The easiest way to stay productive in your home office is to stay organized. Look for built in shelving or spaces for your own shelving at St. George, UT homes for sale. Label your binders, books, etc. and put them away when you are done. Get creative with storage for pens, pencils and other desk accessories. If your work area is organized and free of clutter, then you are more likely to stay productive instead of looking for all your work materials.

2. Lighting is important to work productivity. Place your work desk near a window for easy use of natural light. If you work more in the evening, then make sure you have enough lamps so you can see what you are working on. Bright work areas will inspire you to stay focused and work more productively from home.


3. Comfy furniture is also important. Nobody wants to work long hours in an uncomfortable chair. Choose furniture that is both functional and practical. You will spend lots of time in your home office working, so make it a comfortable place where you want to go to work.

4. Get inspired in your home office. Choose a St. George, UT homes for sale that has an inspirational work space for you. Liven up your home office with a fun accent wall in a bold color or funky print. Decorate with inspirational pictures, quotes, books or artwork. Inspirational spaces will help you be more creative and productive when working from home.

5. Don’t forget the power of music. Tune into some classical Mozart or Beethoven concertos. Listen to something without words or in a different language if you find yourself distracted by popular Top 40 songs. Let music inspire your work or play something in the background to help you focus your work energy.

6 Tips to Saving Money Around the House

Ence Homes would like to help you save money around the house. Here are a few tips for cutting back and saving a few dollars throughout the year.

1. The easiest way to save money on your electric or energy bill in your new Mesquite, NV home is to turn off lights you are not using or when you leave a room. Saving energy one light bulb at a time adds up after a while. You will save money on your energy bill and you will not have to buy light bulbs as often.

2. The same light bulb rule also applies to household appliances. Turn off and unplug your coffee maker when you are done brewing. Power down and shut off your computer when you are done checking emails or finished working for the day. Unplugging appliances will save you money on your energy bill in your new Mesquite, NV home. Switching to energy efficient appliances can also save you money. All new homes built by Ence Homes are green and energy efficient.


3. Turn the air conditioning up in the summer and lower your heat in the winter to save money. Your heating and cooling systems will not have to work as hard to heat or cool your home if you adjust the thermostat a few degrees. Wear a sweater and socks in the winter and keep cool in your new Mesquite, NV home with some cold lemonade in the summer.

4. Shopping sales and clipping coupons can also help you save money on items for your home. Talk to your cable provided about any sales or special prices they are running for bundling your phone, internet, cable, etc. services into one low bill. Try sites like or for sales or special prices for stores in your area.

5. Eat leftovers to save money on your grocery bill. Freeze extra food in small portions for easy microwave reheating. Make a shopping list for the grocery store and stick to it. Lists can help you stop over buying at the grocery store and save money for your new Mesquite, NV home.

6. Budget your money. Sticking to your budget is the best way to save money around the house. Make a list of all the things you buy for a month and research where you can cut back costs to save money.