3 Reasons to Love Your HOA

girlLet’s be honest, we’ve all cursed them at least once in our lives.


When buying St. George Homes, you may find that your neighborhood is part of an HOA. You may not notice what an HOA does for you but look closer, it’s all in the details.

Property Value Protection (Things LOOK nice)

In other words, the neighbor next door can’t put up that whimsical birdhouse/mailbox he’s shown you seven times just because his grandkids made it for him. We get it Robert, your grandkids are clever. Or perhaps the environmentally conscious neighbor down the street wants to construct a rain catcher out of “reclaimed” coke bottles. These are two examples of many HOA restrictions set in place to preserve community curb appeal and keep your luxury home’s property value from declining.


Defend Zoning Regulations (No Gas Stations next door)

Ok, “gas stations” is a bit far fetched. But it is possible that with continual city growth, the quiet residential road your luxury home in St. George sits on could eventually become a busy 4 lane boulevard. Occasionally HOA’s take a stand against city zoning decisions they feel are unlawful. In July of this year, a group of homeowners in Illinois filed a lawsuit against a real estate developer and the city of Springfield for a zoning decision they claimed was in violation of city code.


4 Perks of Living in Cantera Cliffs

 If you like our custom St. Georgecantera homes, you’ll love our new development of in nearby Ivins, Utah.


①  Red Panoramic Views

…Wake up to vermillion sandstone cliffs being kissed by the morning sun

People like Cantera Cliffs because it feels balanced. The vast red desert is complimented by custom landscaping found throughout the neighborhood. Green trees, charming little lawns, and decorative rockscaping makes you feel right at home.

②  Quiet Neighborhood

…Enjoy peace of mind

Access your home via the community’s private residential roads. Know that your children and pets are safe, and enjoy your family bbq or good book free from traffic noise.

③  Schools

…Both public and charter schools

There are two schools in the immediate vicinity: Red Mountain Elementary (k-5) and Vista Charter School (k-8), with Snow Canyon High School just down the road in Santa Clara. Also located in Ivins is the renowned Tuacahn Amphitheater and Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts.

④  Backcountry access

…Lose yourself in Snow Canyon State Park

Gray_Fox7,400 acres of preserved desert wilderness lie just outside your backdoor. Camp and hike along the 38 miles of hiking trails winding through the cliffs and canyons and admire plant and wildlife species found nowhere else in the state like peregrine falcons, gila monsters, and desert tortoises.



How to build your dream home: Part 2

Now that you have the dream, it’s time to make that dream something tangible. This can be quite a nerve racking situation because you’ve never built your own home before, but there are a few things left to do before the house is standing.

1. Talk with an Ence Home Designer

    1. buildProfessionals know what is important because you do not know what is and what is not legal when it comes to building a home. They can let you know what is possible and what is not when it comes to the design.

2. Choose a Location

    1. The location is important because you need to make sure that the plan you are developing is going to fit in the land area. This is also important because you can decide which kind of view you want and what amenities can go with the house.

3. Design the floor plan

    1. Now that you know what you want sit down with an Ence Home designer and figure out how everything is going to work. Remember they are the professional and will let you know what is possible and what is not.

4. Get to work

  1. workStart building and make sure you supervise it on occasion to make sure that what is being done is what you had imagined in the beginning. Watching the creation of your house can be a fulfilling experience because it is your own special project.

How to Design Your Dream Home: Part 1

We live in a time of ease and personalization. We can basically get whatever we want when we want if we can afford it. There are so many homes out there that have parts of perfection, but none that are perfect. When designing a home it is important to do what you want so you can be happy. In part one we will discuss how to get ideas for designing your dream home.

1.Dream Big.

sunThis is all about you and what you want. Don’t start thinking about the costs of materials, the land, or any other tangible thing. Get lost in your own thoughts and the things that you will want in your dream home. ANYTHING GOES! Don’t get bogged down in impossibility, because dreams don’t deal with the impossible.

  1. Visit Different Neighborhoodsmap

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but you aren’t here to flatter anyone! Remember this is for you. Going to other neighborhoods will show you what you love and what you hate. Paint jobs, design plans, and even the type of landscaping you would like. Don’t copy, reinvent.

  1. Attend open houseshome for sale

This is a great way to see the interior of homes; carpets, room arrangements, bathrooms etc. This is one way of seeing if what you have been thinking about doing is possible. Because of you see it in a home than it possible to do. (Remember the one restriction is that you must be in compliance with home building laws.

  1. Take Some Selfies

forWhen we say selfie we mean… the house by itself. The brain doesn’t remember things exactly how we first saw them the first time, but photos seem to remind of us of the truth. This will be an integral part of the first phase of home design because it starts to make the dream a reality and will help when part two begins.


5 Keys to a killer end of summer BBQ

1. Food- This normally goes without saying but no matter how much all of your friends love you, they want some tasty food. It is important to cater to all of the many different types of tastes out there.food


a. Fresh grilled vegetables are a great substitute for those friends who don’t necessarily eat meat.

b. Don’t forget to cook the meat at room temperature for optimum flavor
c. Dry rub is best but don’t massage the meat too much, the meats pours will naturally pull in the flavor
d. Variety, variety, variety. Don’t just do the normal hamburgers and hot dogs. Test your boundaries
2. Family and Friends- Sometimes one of the most difficult part of the BBQ is intermingling friends who have never met each other before.




a. Keep it small or make it big. The less people there are the more control you can have over the conversation. Whereas making it big creates the likelihood that that there is someone there for everyone.

b. Have activities. This forces people to get to know each other in an none intimidating way.
3. Drink- it is gonna be hot, so make sure that everyone is staying hydrated while enjoying drinks that match the level of your food.



a. Water. Provide copious amounts of water to offset the high sugar and sodium levels that other drinks have.
b. Ice. People love cool drinks and if you are throwing a party the last thing you want to do is run out of food or ice.
c. Selection. Make sure people have lots of different things to choose from. Soda, lemonade, water, and anything new and inventive.
4. Temperature – the hottest time of day is between 3PM-5PM, so decide what kind of party you want to have.pool-

a. Water Party – if you have a pool do it during those hot times of day and provide lots of shade for those who don’t want to get in the water.
b. Casual BBQ – Have it later in the day maybe around 6 (people won’t show up until 6:30-7) the sun will be setting and interfere less with BBQ.
5. Ence Home- location is everything. A lot of topics of conversation revolve around the house hosting the BBQ. If you want something you can be proud to talk about choose an Ence Home.



Go Green

Four short years ago, we were recognized with a 2011 High Performance Homes Leadership in Housing Award. Here at Ence Homes, we are committed in building green homes that will create a healthier and higher quality of living for our homeowners.

What is the difference between green homes and standard homes? 

Green homes take the environment into consideration in the building process and the sole purpose is to minimize environmental impact.

Three benefits of choosing to live in a green home

  • green homesComfortable living conditions. Green homes are less humid inside due to air sealing techniques that eliminate unwanted drafts.
  • Better air quality. Green homes use air filters for proper ventilation inside the home and can decrease the presence of dust/pollen.
  • Global Impact. If you choose to live in a green home, it will eliminate 4,500 pounds of greenhouse gases to the Earth’s atmosphere.

Our mission at Ence Homes is to provide  prompt, courteous customer-service, while building quality, innovative and energy efficient homes. If you choose to live in an energy efficient home, you will be a apart of decreasing energy use.
If you are interested in building an Ence Green Home, please visit, https://www.encehomes.com/information/green-homes.php

Looking to Buy a Green Home?

Why Ence is Eco-Friendly

Building a home takes planning and good vision. But, building a home that is eco-friendly takes something extra special. Let’s take a look at why custom built Ence Homes are so green.

In 2011 Ence homes was selected as the leader in building eco-friendly housing. We achieved this high status in home-building because we don’t take shortcuts. Our homes are built with high quality, sustainable materials that can endure the blazing St. George weather.

Here are some highlights to creating a green home.


This may be the most important thing done for your home. It keeps the cold air in when it’s hot outside, and the warm air in when it’s cold out. Putting the right insulation isn’t the only step to creating a energy efficient home. Sound design and accurate execution allow for air tight homes that keep costs low and your home more green.

Sustainable Building Materials

Using better materials costs more, but saves more in the long run. That is why Ence Homes always strives to use the highest quality of lumber and materials when we build a home for you. It is just another reason why Ence is a cut above the rest.

Using High Quality Materials

By this we mean that we strive to use CFL lighting and energy saving electrical appliances to lower the lifetime utility bill of a home. Again, this isn’t easy to do, but we work hard as we are building so that your new home in St. George is the top of the line.

To find out more information on our homes:

Visit encehomes.com or call us today at 435.215.7062.

Most Popular New Home Floor Plans

We would like to share two of our most popular new home floor plans that we offer.

The way that a home is laid out can make all the difference in the world. Ence Homes offers floor plans that use every inch of the home to ensure that there is no wasted space and that the home feels open and welcoming.

The first one is our 1660 sq. ft. floor plan with 3 bed, 2 bath and 3 car garage.

Boasting a large three car garage this well laid out home is great for indoor and outdoor living. The spacious entry opens to a large great room, kitchen and dining room. Picture windows show through to a large covered patio great for barbeques and outdoor eating. The kitchen features a huge pantry. Enjoy the his and her walk in closets as part of the master bath. The second and third bedrooms are separated by a full bath. This home provides storage galore.


The second floor plan is for someone looking for a little more space it is 2165 sq. ft. 4 bed 2 bath and 3 car garage.

The character of this home is apparent in the spacious entry and private living room. Memories are sure to be made in the large great room dining area combination. Choose the option of the huge covered patio and take the fun outside. You’ll appreciate the over sized pantry in the kitchen. After a long day retreat to the roomy master suite, with corner soaker tub and large walk in shower. This home is designed for excellent family living.

Even though these are our two most popular floor plans we have many other floor plans available. You may also do a custom floor plan to meet your needs. We have an in-house architectural department and a professional design team to help you through the process.

Tips to begin the search for your new home

House hunting is never an easy task. But going into this process with a game plan can help you out tremendously. Here are great tips to help you begin the search for your homes for sale in St. George, UT.

  1. Make a list of your wants and needs. This includes everything from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, floorplan layout and features.
  2. Research and review your desired area (school district, shopping centers, commute to your job and crime in the area). This will help you get a better feel of where you’ll be living.
  3. Know your financial situation ahead of time. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a home you can’t afford.  Contact a lender to see how much you qualify for and get pre-approved for a loan.
  4. Just because you qualify for a certain amount doesn’t mean you have to spend that much.
  5. Save your money to put down a larger down payment on your homes for sale in St. George, UT, pay closing costs and to furnish your new home.
  6. The homes you’ve viewed may start to blend together after viewing many properties. Document this process by taking notes and snapping pictures to remember the specific features of each home.
  7. Patience is key. This process may take some time, but never lose sight of your end goal.
  8. Don’t rush into buying your homes for sale in St. George, UT. This is a big deal and major investment so remember, don’t settle.

Maximize the storage space at your new home

Congratulations on purchasing your new homes in St. George, UT humble abode. Now is the best time to get organized and to stay organized. Maximizing your home’s available space will help you do so. Here are six pointers to help you get the most out of the storage space at your new home.

  1. Keep your home clutter free. Ger rid of unnecessary items that you no longer need. Maximize your floor space by keeping your belongings off of the floor.
  2. Add a workbench and or built-in shelves for your tools in your garage. Conserve space in your garage by adding a storage shed to your backyard to stow lawnmowers and rakes.
  3. Use organized shelving units to store your shoes, coats, backpacks in your new homes in St. George, UT foyer.
  4. Utilize hidden storage spaces that you may have overlooked. Hang pots and pans on a wall rack or hooks in your kitchen and to store items under your beds.
  5. Transform an ordinary wall into a wall with floor to ceiling storage.
  6. Purchase multifunctional furniture that can also be used for storing items in your new homes in St. George, UT.