Design 101: Top 5 Home Design Concepts

Design 101: Top 5 Home Design Concepts

When designing your new home it is important to keep in mind these five design concepts.


Harmony. This is image is an example of harmony in interior design.Harmony in design is the combining of similar or related elements to create a sense of unity or harmony.

When choosing decor or your tile backsplash, it is important to choose a similar element such as color, shape, or texture to incorporate throughout the space.

For example, in our Red Waters Model, you can see floral artwork, and a similar color palette is used throughout the home.


Rhythm. This image is an example of rhythm in interior design.

The second design concept we think is important when designing your home is rhythm. Rhythm is the visual repetition of patterns. You can create visual interest by repeating color, shapes, patterns, or textures.

An example of rhythm would be, repeating light fixtures in your kitchen or hanging similar wall art throughout your home.

Rhythm engages the eye and creates an underlying sense of unity. It also encourages the eye to move around the room.


Balance. This image is an example of balance in interior design.

Balance is the third design concept we think is important when designing your dream home. Balance is the distribution of the visual weight of objects, colors, texture, and space. Balance can be symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial balance.

An example of balance could be two equally sized windows positioned on a wall with symmetrical furniture placed between them. Or it could be decorating a long table with vases of varying heights and widths on each side, but so it looks visually balanced on each side.

Focal Point

Focal Point. This image is an example of interior design using focal point.

Another design concept that is important to keep in mind when building your new home is focal point.

The focal point is where a viewer’s eyes should land when they enter a room. A focal point is a great way to highlight the best feature in a room, and should be the feature you build the rest of the design around.

An example, of using a focal point in design, would be designing a living space around a cozy fireplace or a beautiful piece of art.

Proportion and Scale

Proportion. Image shows an example of proportion in design.

The last design concept we think is important when it comes to designing your dream home is proportion and scale.

The scale is the size of one object in relation to another. While proportion is the relationship in size between two objects.

An example of scale and proportion in this first photo would be the center vases. The varying scale of the vases creates more visual interest for the viewer.

6 Interior Design Ideas for Your Dream Home.

Who hasn’t ever dreamed of their “perfect” home and the things that they would love to see inside? At Ence, we don’t just build luxury homes, we build dreams. But a dream can feel pretty empty without filling it with content.
Here are 6 of the coolest design ideas that we could find on the internet, which could transform your custom St. George home (or wherever you may happen to be) into a dream home fit for an emperor.

1. Aquarium Bedsky
Ever dream of falling asleep in an undersea paradise? Well, this gets you just about as close as you might want to be without having to live close to the ocean. For St. George Homes, this is a boon. If you have a bit of money, you could have a custom fish tank made to overhang off your bed. Then you could fill it with a variety of tropical fish (make sure they are compatible!), and drift off to summer in style as you watch the fish lazily swim through the tank.

2. Bookcase stairwell
Bookcases are awesome, but sometimes they can take up much needed space. Solution? Turn your stairwell into a book case. The only problem you may run into on this one is the fact that the stairwell may become one of the most popular spots in the house to hang out!

3. Secret Rooms
Believe it or not, there is a company out there that will install secret rooms into your Utah Luxury Home, if you have a bit of cash. It could be the ultimate getaway or a safe-room in times of trouble. Not a bad investment for a dream home.

4. Under-the-stairs storage.
Ever wonder what to do with all that useless space under the stairs? Why not turn it into extra storage. Install drawers, cabinets, and cupboards to get the most out of the otherwise unused space.

5. Outdoor Cinemas.
A projector, a few pieces of drywall, and a frame on wheels (surrounded by white canvas), can make an excellent, and potentially mobile outdoor cinema. With this, you can break out when the weather gets warmer. Enjoy classics at full blast to attract the neighbors to your door. You are certain to be the talk of the town! Or, at least the neighborhood. This is a great way to get the family together for the evening.

6.Fish-tank pool
Pool installations are a must but if this is going to be a dream home, it needs to be even classier. Install fish tanks around the edges of the pool so that you can literally “swim with the fish.” Alternatively, a small pond just beyond the edge of the pool would work as well, just make sure they have their own separate filters!

We hope you enjoyed some of these ideas presented here. Any one of these ideas can be fulfilling but the important thing to remember is that this is YOUR dream. Figure out something that you would like to see happen, and go for it.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us here for more information.

6 Painting Mistakes to Avoid

colorIt’s only a matter of time before the colors in your Utah luxury home
begin to get a little boring and you decide to switch things up.
St. George has some great custom paint stores to help you, but
there’s a few things you need to know before taking the plunge.

Mistake #1: Painting a ceiling flat white.

The ceiling, that one wall no one ever thinks of. If you want to add a little flair to a boring white ceiling, don’t paint it white. All white paint has some gray in it, which will take the room down. Try a shade of cream instead.


Mistake #2: Going too “matchy”.

Going all “matchy-matchy” seems like a good idea, but wait. You never want your walls to match the color in one of your fabrics because it comes off too strong. Rather, find a grayed-out version of the color.


Mistake #3: Playing it too “safe.”

A palette of JUST neutrals gets boring fast. One of the biggest mistakes people make with neutrals is not using enough contrast. Don’t be afraid to add some elements that give personality.


Mistake #4: Not following a common theme

The rooms throughout a home must feel connected. A “relaxed, coastal chic” room probably shouldn’t have a “elegant country-style” bathroom. Every room must follow the overall theme of the home.


Mistake #5: Forgetting the importance of a finish.

Darker colors will be very flat after they dry, so use a high-luster finish. For example, an eggshell finish can really kill a rich hue. Do your homework to understand what you’re working with.


Mistake #6: Selecting a one-dimensional hue.

When adding some stronger colors to your palette, remember to find ones with depth. A color lacking depth will jump out at you rather than pull you in. What might be “Decisive Yellow” could end up looking like “Schoolbus Yellow.” No one wants that!

5 Brilliant Tips from Leading Design Books

Refresh your St. George home with some of these design tips and give it that custom touch.

shelfArrange Objects by Shape

The “Rule of Threes” is a great trick to style your coffee table or dresser, but objects of similar size can compete with each other and look muddled. Instead, use this rule: something vertical, horizontal, and sculptural can create a sense of order.

Put Something Eye-Catching on Display

Your entryway needs a focal point; something that catches the eyes of your guests when they walk through your door. A mirror, tall plant, fun piece of furniture, or some artwork can all serve as a perfect focal point. If it catches the eye, it distracts attention away from clutter.

white-couchEmbrace White

There’s a common misconception that you must stay away from all things white if you have kids in the house. But the thing is, there’s nothing easier to clean than white. A little bleach and a hot rinse with water will do wonders for a stained white couch cushion.

Setup a Catchall Space

Attempting to keep your home 100% free of clutter might literally drive you insane. Instead, dedicate a space like a cabinet or closet for all the random things you need to pull out from time to time. Try a little basket on your dresser for loose change and buttons, or a junk drawer for tape and stamps. These “catchall spaces” will save you the headache of finding a place for miscellaneous items. Remember to go through them every once in awhile to prevent overflowing.

Equip Your Entry

An entryway is the first line of defense against clutter permeating deep into your luxury home and its purpose is to process everything you carry in. For your entryway to best serve you, set it up correctly. An umbrella stand, charging station for smartphones, heavy-duty rug, hooks and cubbies, shoe tray, hamper for dirty sports gear, and a message board are your battle weapons.

Cool Bathroom Ideas

Most bathrooms look the same. No one wants to have the exact same set up as another person. Most homes consist of sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet without any real pizazz. Here are couple ideas that you might like putting in your own home to make your bathroom the talk of the town.

  • bathroomBathtub Focal Point


  • Putting the bathtub in the middle of the room is something new and makes it the most important part of the bathroom and gives it a stoic elegance.


  • Subway Tile


  • -industrial-bathroomThis tile will give a very urban feel and you can choose whatever color of tile you want.


  • Floor to ceiling mirror
    • You can see everything. It really opens up the room and can be a fun way of showing off to friends.


  • White walls and Wood


  • This is a common design in most spas. This way you will feel like you are entering a spa everyday and perhaps get a little relaxation from it.


  • Open Bathroom


  • There is a lot of space and the lack of clutter gives more room for other things that you would like to put in the bathroom. There will always be room for whoever.


  • Multiple Shower Heads


  • listing_35Why? Why not? It is something that is fun. Anything out of the ordinary is something you don’t understand until you actually try it.

Fun Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and instead of buying those Christmas decorations that are on sale for some reason, do some fun Halloween ideas. There are a lot of different ideas out there but these are some of our favorites.


  • Headless Horseman


  • candySpider Plates


  • platesPumpkin Cats


  • Cobwebs… Lots of cobwebs



  • Ghosts

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

  • Tombstones


  • Bats



  • Pumpkin Family









How to build your dream home: Part 2

Now that you have the dream, it’s time to make that dream something tangible. This can be quite a nerve racking situation because you’ve never built your own home before, but there are a few things left to do before the house is standing.

1. Talk with an Ence Home Designer

    1. buildProfessionals know what is important because you do not know what is and what is not legal when it comes to building a home. They can let you know what is possible and what is not when it comes to the design.

2. Choose a Location

    1. The location is important because you need to make sure that the plan you are developing is going to fit in the land area. This is also important because you can decide which kind of view you want and what amenities can go with the house.

3. Design the floor plan

    1. Now that you know what you want sit down with an Ence Home designer and figure out how everything is going to work. Remember they are the professional and will let you know what is possible and what is not.

4. Get to work

  1. workStart building and make sure you supervise it on occasion to make sure that what is being done is what you had imagined in the beginning. Watching the creation of your house can be a fulfilling experience because it is your own special project.

How to Design Your Dream Home: Part 1

We live in a time of ease and personalization. We can basically get whatever we want when we want if we can afford it. There are so many homes out there that have parts of perfection, but none that are perfect. When designing a home it is important to do what you want so you can be happy. In part one we will discuss how to get ideas for designing your dream home.

1.Dream Big.

sunThis is all about you and what you want. Don’t start thinking about the costs of materials, the land, or any other tangible thing. Get lost in your own thoughts and the things that you will want in your dream home. ANYTHING GOES! Don’t get bogged down in impossibility, because dreams don’t deal with the impossible.

  1. Visit Different Neighborhoodsmap

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but you aren’t here to flatter anyone! Remember this is for you. Going to other neighborhoods will show you what you love and what you hate. Paint jobs, design plans, and even the type of landscaping you would like. Don’t copy, reinvent.

  1. Attend open houseshome for sale

This is a great way to see the interior of homes; carpets, room arrangements, bathrooms etc. This is one way of seeing if what you have been thinking about doing is possible. Because of you see it in a home than it possible to do. (Remember the one restriction is that you must be in compliance with home building laws.

  1. Take Some Selfies

forWhen we say selfie we mean… the house by itself. The brain doesn’t remember things exactly how we first saw them the first time, but photos seem to remind of us of the truth. This will be an integral part of the first phase of home design because it starts to make the dream a reality and will help when part two begins.


5 simple ways to decorate your living room

Now that spring is here, it is time to start spring cleaning! More importantly, add lovely decor in your living room.

Five simple ways to decorate your living room without breaking the bank!

  1. Flowers. Add a little color to your living room and buy a bouquet of flowers in a colorful vase. The aroma from the flowers will be pleasant and inviting to your guests.
  2. tulipsPhoto gallery. Display your favorite pictures for everyone to see and walk down memory lane.. You can display an entire wall with framed pictures or keep it low key with a few of your favorites.
  3. couchsPaint your walls. Add a little color to your home and choose a paint color that complements your personality. Make your living room pop with a shade of yellow or keep it serene with blue.
  4. Display art work. Create your own masterpiece or display your favorite piece of art. Regardless of which option you go with, it is bound to catch attention and it will be a perfect whitecouchtouch to the bare walls.
  5. Add throw pillows. Make your living room bluecouch inviting to guests by adding throw pillows to the mix. Feel free to buy a few throw pillows at the store or pick out your favorite pattern to make them yourself!


We hope these tips can help you create a beautiful living room in your home. Here at Ence Homes, we put a lot of time and effort in creating homes that our customers are proud of. If you are interested in your very own Ence Home in St. George, UT or surrounding areas, please contact us at our office at 435-628-0936. Have a wonderful day and happy decorating!

How to Buy the Right Furniture for Your Home

A Few Things to Consider


The feeling you get when you walk into your home is important. Chances are, you have already walked into one of our new homes in St. George and felt like you belonged there. That feeling of belonging can be enhanced by the right choice of furniture.

Here are some tips on choosing furniture to help you know where to begin.

  1. Know What You Need

Asking the right questions before you start searching for furniture will guide your efforts:

How long do I want the piece to last?

What colors am I looking for?

How durable should it be? (Especially important question if you have children or pets)

What kind of upkeep am I willing to maintain?

These are just questions to get you thinking, but if you have a vision of what you need; it will be much easier to find furniture that fits into that mold. Think of it like a piece of Velcro on your head. If you are asking the right questions, then the answer is bound to stick when it’s right.

  1. Know Your Style

Deciding on a style will help you find a good collection of furniture that compliments itself. Here are some popular categories:

  • Casual: most common in homes today, comfy-looking earthy tones.
  • Modern: gaining popularity, simple, lots of negative space with sharp, angular and metallic features.
  • Rural: softer more laid-back feel, floral patterns that suggest a rustic atmosphere.
  • Traditional: antique pieces, dark woods and bulky furniture.
  • Eclectic : original pieces such as ethnic, artisan, and collector pieces.
  1. Know Your Lifestyle

Are you constantly on the go? Do you have several small children at home?  Do you prefer open space rather than another coffee table? Think about how your furniture will match your current lifestyle. Don’t buy for 20 years down the road, buy for now.

  1. Know Your Price Range

This isn’t as easy as you might think, but it’s important to at least try and choose a target number. Average prices vary widely depending on the factors we’ve already discussed, but in general expect to pay 15-25 percent of the price of your home to furnish your place with quality furniture.

  1. Know Your Limits

This happens to me every year at Thanksgiving, I come into the kitchen after our annual Turkey Bowl and the smells get my belly rumbling. I then commence to load my plate with a taste of every delicious treat offered and end up with far too much food for my belly to handle. This same principle can be applied to buying furniture. Know how much space you have and don’t overfill it.

Have any other tips? Share your thoughts for others below!