3 Reasons to Love Your HOA

girlLet’s be honest, we’ve all cursed them at least once in our lives.


When buying St. George Homes, you may find that your neighborhood is part of an HOA. You may not notice what an HOA does for you but look closer, it’s all in the details.

Property Value Protection (Things LOOK nice)

In other words, the neighbor next door can’t put up that whimsical birdhouse/mailbox he’s shown you seven times just because his grandkids made it for him. We get it Robert, your grandkids are clever. Or perhaps the environmentally conscious neighbor down the street wants to construct a rain catcher out of “reclaimed” coke bottles. These are two examples of many HOA restrictions set in place to preserve community curb appeal and keep your luxury home’s property value from declining.


Defend Zoning Regulations (No Gas Stations next door)

Ok, “gas stations” is a bit far fetched. But it is possible that with continual city growth, the quiet residential road your luxury home in St. George sits on could eventually become a busy 4 lane boulevard. Occasionally HOA’s take a stand against city zoning decisions they feel are unlawful. In July of this year, a group of homeowners in Illinois filed a lawsuit against a real estate developer and the city of Springfield for a zoning decision they claimed was in violation of city code.


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