Go Green

Four short years ago, we were recognized with a 2011 High Performance Homes Leadership in Housing Award. Here at Ence Homes, we are committed in building green homes that will create a healthier and higher quality of living for our homeowners.

What is the difference between green homes and standard homes? 

Green homes take the environment into consideration in the building process and the sole purpose is to minimize environmental impact.

Three benefits of choosing to live in a green home

  • green homesComfortable living conditions. Green homes are less humid inside due to air sealing techniques that eliminate unwanted drafts.
  • Better air quality. Green homes use air filters for proper ventilation inside the home and can decrease the presence of dust/pollen.
  • Global Impact. If you choose to live in a green home, it will eliminate 4,500 pounds of greenhouse gases to the Earth’s atmosphere.

Our mission at Ence Homes is to provide  prompt, courteous customer-service, while building quality, innovative and energy efficient homes. If you choose to live in an energy efficient home, you will be a apart of decreasing energy use.
If you are interested in building an Ence Green Home, please visit, https://www.encehomes.com/information/green-homes.php

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