How to Pack Quickly and Efficiently

suitcaseSometimes packing can be a real PAIN


If you’ve ever moved before, then you know how much of a hassle it can be. Here are some tips and ideas to make moving day go more smoothly:

1. Gather supplies ahead of time

Isn’t it the worst when you’re all ready to start packing… and you realize you don’t have any packing tape? Avoid hitting snags like this by making sure you have all the necessary supplies before you get started. Supplies to have on hand might include boxes, tape, bubble wrap, newspaper, and markers. For moving large appliances or stacks of boxes you can rent dollies from a home improvement store or truck rental company.

2. Get rid of things to lighten the load

Before packing, it may be a good idea to go through your possessions and see what items you can get rid of. Things that are broken or you no longer use are good candidates for the trash bin and will help simplify the moving process.

3. Start early

Packing can be a huge undertaking and more often than not will take longer than you expect so it’s always a good idea to get started early – much earlier than seems necessary. Two to three weeks before moving day will be ideal in most cases, though this will vary depending on the size of your home and amount of possessions.

4. Get help

Making things easier on yourself might be as simple as asking those around you for help. Ask friends and family to pitch in and lower the pressure on you to get everything done yourself.

5. Pack strategically

Sometimes, in the haste to get everything packed, we just throw things in boxes, toss them in the truck, and then leave ourselves more of a burden when we get to the new house. Make the unpacking process as painless as possible by labeling all your boxes and denoting which are the most important things you’ll want to have unpacked first. Make sure to put the things you’ll need immediately – change of clothes, toothbrush, etc – in an easily accessible place.

6. Get used boxes

Keep the cost of your move down by getting used boxes. In an effort to go green, U-Haul has started a box recycling program where you can get used boxes for your move and then return them when you’re done. Moving can get expensive and this is just one way to ease the financial burden.

7. Manage your weight

Pack more efficiently by paying attention to weight. Make sure to pack heavy items such as books in small boxes and light items such as sheets and pillows in large boxes to keep things from getting too heavy to lift and transport.

8. Fill nooks and crannies

Make use of all available packing space. Don’t empty out dresser drawers – use them for packing. This will help you conserve space on the truck or in your transportable storage units. Otherwise, you’re packing air.

9. Don’t just use boxes – use bags as well

You don’t have to limit yourself to boxes – use large garbage bags as well to pack non-fragile items such as towels or clothes. This will also help you make the most of your truck space as bags can be stuffed in places that a box couldn’t.

10. Use blankets and towels as padding

Don’t just pack up your blankets and towels, put them to good use as padding on fragile items to help save on packing supplies.


Looking for more moving tips? Check out this week by week moving checklist from Good Housekeeping to help you get started.

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