Kitchen organizing tips

Your kitchen is the core of your home. You prepare meals, entertain, have family meetings and do homework amongst other things in this multifunctional room. Here are 11 tips for keeping your custom home or move-in ready homes for sale in St. George, UT kitchen organized.

1. Throw away any items in your refrigerator, cabinets and pantry that have expired or are spoiled. If you have non-perishable items that you no longer want, donate or give them away to someone so they don’t go to waste.
2. Use the cabinet space under your sink to store cleaning supplies, sponges and other kitchen tools.
3. Hang up your potholders on a hook inside a cabinet door away from your oven and your apron on your pantry door.
4. Fix or chuck anything that is broken.
5. Have designated zones. A cooking one with all your kitchenware and cooking tools together, sandwich bags, plastic wrap and aluminum foil in a drawer near the fridge, dishes by the dishwasher and pots by the stove.
6. Categorize food items together in your homes for sale in St. George, UT pantry.
7. Give a retractable bookstand a shot if you have a recipe book. It’ll be eye level when in use and can fold up under your cabinet when you’re finished.
8. Use a chalkboard or dry erase board to keep track of the cleaning supplies and groceries you need to pick up and your to-do-list for projects.
9. Have at least two cutting boards. A plastic board can be used for raw meats and a wooden one to cut up your veggies.
10. For easy access and to conserve space, place your cutting boards on top of the microwave or your fridge.
11. Clean up as you go so that you don’t leave a mess.

We hope that by using these tips your homes for sale in St. George, UT kitchen will stay organized.

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