When is the right time to buy?

There is never a simple answer when asking the question, when is the right time to buy? There are so many factors that go into decision making and a lot of unknowns in the process. Reasons that are good for you to buy now may not be the same for someone else and visa versa.


  • Affordability
    • Don’t worry too much about the market because let’s be honest no one really knows what prices are going to be like. Yes, people can predict but that means nothing. If you can afford the house right now, just get it, who knows how much it will be worth later on.house


  • Size Matters
    • How long are you planning on staying? If you plan on living the house for awhile go ahead and get your dream mansion. If you plan on selling in the new future a smaller house would be better because they appreciate more than larger homes.house2


  • Where are you?
    • Depending on the location means there will be different utility costs, taxes and homeowner fees. Though a house may be cheap that doesn’t necessarily mean that living there will be too.house3


  •  Inspect
    • This may cost you a little bit of money but better safe than sorry. The inspector may be able to find things you couldn’t and end up saving you thousands of dollars.



  • There is no right answer to home buying. But make sure you are thinking about all the little things that could end up costing you huge in the end. If it feels right it usually is.


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