4 Ideas for a Valentine’s Day to Remember

manAh, Valentine’s Day. It floods the entire month of February with a wave of hearts, red rose bouquets, and delicious boxes of chocolates. If coming up with a memorable way to spend Valentine’s day in St. George with your lover  is stressing you out, just relax. We’ve done the thinking for you.

Dine in Candlelight

Avoid the crowded restaurant and enjoy a romantic dinner at home. Now’s your chance to pull out the fine china and tablecloth you’ve had tucked away for far too long. Set the

mood with the warming glow of a candle and a dreamy Spotify playlist. Did we mention wine?

Be pampered at the Spa

Unwind in tranquility with a couples spa treatment. 90 minutes of bliss will melt your stress away and set you and your partner on course for a pleasant evening.

Get Cultured

Attend the annual Sears Dixie Invitational Art Show and Sale. Recognized as one of the biggest art events in the state of Utah, it surely won’t disappoint.

Check into a hotel

Even if it’s just for the night, the much needed alone time can rekindle that old flame. Sleep in and treat yourselves to breakfast in bed.

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