How to Buy the Right Furniture for Your Home

A Few Things to Consider


The feeling you get when you walk into your home is important. Chances are, you have already walked into one of our new homes in St. George and felt like you belonged there. That feeling of belonging can be enhanced by the right choice of furniture.

Here are some tips on choosing furniture to help you know where to begin.

  1. Know What You Need

Asking the right questions before you start searching for furniture will guide your efforts:

How long do I want the piece to last?

What colors am I looking for?

How durable should it be? (Especially important question if you have children or pets)

What kind of upkeep am I willing to maintain?

These are just questions to get you thinking, but if you have a vision of what you need; it will be much easier to find furniture that fits into that mold. Think of it like a piece of Velcro on your head. If you are asking the right questions, then the answer is bound to stick when it’s right.

  1. Know Your Style

Deciding on a style will help you find a good collection of furniture that compliments itself. Here are some popular categories:

  • Casual: most common in homes today, comfy-looking earthy tones.
  • Modern: gaining popularity, simple, lots of negative space with sharp, angular and metallic features.
  • Rural: softer more laid-back feel, floral patterns that suggest a rustic atmosphere.
  • Traditional: antique pieces, dark woods and bulky furniture.
  • Eclectic : original pieces such as ethnic, artisan, and collector pieces.
  1. Know Your Lifestyle

Are you constantly on the go? Do you have several small children at home?  Do you prefer open space rather than another coffee table? Think about how your furniture will match your current lifestyle. Don’t buy for 20 years down the road, buy for now.

  1. Know Your Price Range

This isn’t as easy as you might think, but it’s important to at least try and choose a target number. Average prices vary widely depending on the factors we’ve already discussed, but in general expect to pay 15-25 percent of the price of your home to furnish your place with quality furniture.

  1. Know Your Limits

This happens to me every year at Thanksgiving, I come into the kitchen after our annual Turkey Bowl and the smells get my belly rumbling. I then commence to load my plate with a taste of every delicious treat offered and end up with far too much food for my belly to handle. This same principle can be applied to buying furniture. Know how much space you have and don’t overfill it.

Have any other tips? Share your thoughts for others below!