Looking to Buy a Green Home?

Why Ence is Eco-Friendly

Building a home takes planning and good vision. But, building a home that is eco-friendly takes something extra special. Let’s take a look at why custom built Ence Homes are so green.

In 2011 Ence homes was selected as the leader in building eco-friendly housing. We achieved this high status in home-building because we don’t take shortcuts. Our homes are built with high quality, sustainable materials that can endure the blazing St. George weather.

Here are some highlights to creating a green home.


This may be the most important thing done for your home. It keeps the cold air in when it’s hot outside, and the warm air in when it’s cold out. Putting the right insulation isn’t the only step to creating a energy efficient home. Sound design and accurate execution allow for air tight homes that keep costs low and your home more green.

Sustainable Building Materials

Using better materials costs more, but saves more in the long run. That is why Ence Homes always strives to use the highest quality of lumber and materials when we build a home for you. It is just another reason why Ence is a cut above the rest.

Using High Quality Materials

By this we mean that we strive to use CFL lighting and energy saving electrical appliances to lower the lifetime utility bill of a home. Again, this isn’t easy to do, but we work hard as we are building so that your new home in St. George is the top of the line.

To find out more information on our homes:

Visit encehomes.com or call us today at 435.215.7062.

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