St. George, Home Sweet Home

Four Reasons We Love St. George

homeWe love building our Ence Homes in St. George because we love living here. Warm weather, national events and a strong economy all add to the beauty of this great place.

Let’s start off with our very favorite reason, the weather. While the summers can sometimes get a little hot the year round temperatures are divine. And just for your gee wiz collection, the record high in the summer is 117 so if you love to be in the sun, St. George is the place for you.

Because of the year-round sunshine, St. George has some of the best golf in Utah. Which brings us to our next favorite thing about St. George. Washington County has 12 courses providing enough variety to keep you entertained from January to December.

Next on the list is national events. St. George always seems to be hosting a national event of some kind, which brings tourism for our economy and great activities for our families. St. George hosts one of America’s best marathons as rated by along with the St. George half IronMan which draws in some of the most fit people on the planet. Another favorite event that is held annually every October is the Huntsman World Senior Games. This event draws athletes from all around the world. Both men and women ages 50 and over compete in 22 sports over the course of the two-week competition.

These events help add to our last item on the list, St. George’s strong economy. Because of the events, cost of living and low crime rates, St. George has enjoyed great economic growth the past few years. To give you a picture of how well the economy is doing, let’s take this year’s IronMan race. There were over 7,600 visitors that brought in $5.5 million to the economy. Out of the visitors, an overwhelming 82 percent said they plan to visit again. These numbers are a strong indication that St. George is growing and that property value will continue to rise.

Now you know some of our favorite things about St. George, what are some of yours?

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