The 2017 St. George marathon is coming up on October 7th, and is one of the city’s busiest weekends of the year. Bringing in local and national runners alike, this marathon is the 13th largest marathon in the U.S. The St. George marathon is nationally-recognized and included in the Top 20 Marathons in the USA, as well as the 10 Most Scenic and Fastest Marathons by Runner’s World. In fact, this incredibly scenic 26 mile course is rated among the most scenic marathons in the world, rated again by Runner’s World as one of the four “Marathons to Build a Vacation Around.” It is also titled the fastest fall marathon. During St. George’s perfect fall weather, the day will be sunny with temperatures in the 60s and 70s throughout the majority of the day.

The trail starts at the towering Pine Valley mountains northeast of St. George. While temperatures are typically cooler in the morning, especially considering the trail starts in Pine Valley, by the end of the day, temperatures usually range from 65-85 degrees. The trail then descends into Dameron and Diamond Valley, past Snow Canyon, and finally into St. George’s Worthen Park, with a total change in elevation of 2600 feet. The marathon is USA Track & Field Certified & Sanctioned as a point-to-point race.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the marathon, originally started in 1977 with 57 runners and one wheelchair racer. Now, the race accommodates up to 7,400 runners, which is quickly filled up with a random-lottery selection. The race showcases some of the most colorful rock to be found in the southwest, including black basalt and pink, red, and white sandstone cliffs that frame the edge of the trail.

Water, Lemon-Lime Gatorade, fruit, Vaseline and toilet paper will be available at each station. A St. George Marathon App is available for download, which is used for tracking the live weather and runner tracking. Buses taking the runners to the start of the race depart at 3:45-5:20 AM from Worthen Park, 250 S. 400 E., St. George, and must show bib numbers to board. It’s suggested for runners to go as early as possible to help start the race on time, as the time windows for buses are on a tight schedule.

For those wishing to spectate the event, here is a list of the best places to view the runners:

– Veyo Mile 7 (First Runner) 7:22AM – Those viewing the runners at Veyo will have to travel westbound through Gunlock and around to Sunset Boulevard in St. George.

Snow Canyon North Entrance Mile 16 (First Runner) 8:06AM – Those wishing to watch the runners at the north entrance should enter the Snow Canyon South Entrance via Snow Canyon Parkway, where they will be directed to park. Please Note: Watching runners at this point might prohibit you from getting to the finish line before the runner.

Along Diagonal to 300 West Mile 24 (First Runner) 8:49AM

300 West/Diagonal to Tabernacle Mile 24.5 (First Runner) 8:50AM

Tabernacle/300 West to Main Street Mile 25 (First Runner) 8:52AM – Parking Garage on Tabernacle and 50 East

Main Street to 300 South Mile 25 (First Runner) 8:55AM

300 South/Main St. to finish line mile 26 (First Runner) 8:58AM

300 South/200-300 East

For specific information for runners, including information about prizes, rules, bib numbers/tags, timing, etc, click here.

For more information for spectators, click here.