Storage Ideas

Finding a place to store your things is easy when you have the proper storage pieces. Don’t miss out on these storage opportunities in your home. Not only will you be able to organize your things, but you will also create more space.

Mudroom Bench

mudroomStop by the mudroom bench! Hang your coat and stick your muddy boots from being out in the rain. This piece is the perfect addition to your home because it can store jackets and shoes. Best of all, the bench has storage space underneath!



ottomanAn ottoman can come in handy in your living room or bedroom.  A living room ottoman can store things like blankets or game boards. It can also be used a coffee table or even a place to put your feet on.

Kid’s room storage cubbies



kids-roomStorage cubbies are the perfect addition to a child’s bedroom. The possibilities of what kinds of things you can store here are endless. This storage piece can be the one-stop destination for your child to pick up their books and toys.


A bookcase is a model addition to your living room. You can store books, movies and display decorations on this lovely piece of furniture.

We hope this post will help you create more storage space in your home. Please contact Ence Homes, if you are interested in building a home in southern Utah.

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