Time for a Dinner Party?

The short answer is yes. But the more complicated answer has a lot more to do with your personality and what needs you need fulfilled. So find the best time and enjoy the company of others before it’s too late.


  • When was the last time you had someone over?
    • If the answer is anything more than a month you are probably not socializing enough. You don’t necessarily need to have one at your house per se but socializing is a necessity for humans.
  • How clean is your house?
    • Odd question? yes. Dinner parties serve as fantastic way to keep your house clean. Because most of us want to make good impressions, we generally do a deep clean come party time.
  • Is your life too scheduled?
    • Avoid getting in the rut of normality. Normal isn’t a bad thing, but for a lifetime it can be horrible. It is fun throwing a wrench into the machine every now and then that offers excitement and entertainment.
  • Where are your friends?
    • You can’t blame lack of friendship on anyone but yourself. Be proactive and go and get um. A house party is a simple way of getting to know new people.

The answer to these questions seems simple but requires practice on your part. This will make life fun and give you a brief rest from normalcy and a chance to open your home to new people.

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