Cool Bathroom Ideas

Most bathrooms look the same. No one wants to have the exact same set up as another person. Most homes consist of sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet without any real pizazz. Here are couple ideas that you might like putting in your own home to make your bathroom the talk of the town.

  • bathroomBathtub Focal Point


  • Putting the bathtub in the middle of the room is something new and makes it the most important part of the bathroom and gives it a stoic elegance.


  • Subway Tile


  • -industrial-bathroomThis tile will give a very urban feel and you can choose whatever color of tile you want.


  • Floor to ceiling mirror
    • You can see everything. It really opens up the room and can be a fun way of showing off to friends.


  • White walls and Wood


  • This is a common design in most spas. This way you will feel like you are entering a spa everyday and perhaps get a little relaxation from it.


  • Open Bathroom


  • There is a lot of space and the lack of clutter gives more room for other things that you would like to put in the bathroom. There will always be room for whoever.


  • Multiple Shower Heads


  • listing_35Why? Why not? It is something that is fun. Anything out of the ordinary is something you don’t understand until you actually try it.
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