Energy Saving Tips for Winter Months

Here are ten energy saving tips that you can use during these winter months at your St. George new home.

  • Maintain your heating system by cleaning it and getting it inspected yearly. You should also clean or change your furnace filters once a month. Doing these things help your units run more efficiently and can help save you money on your heating bill.
  • Set your thermostat to 68 degrees when you are at your Ence Homes and to about 60 degrees when you’re sleeping or gone for the day. Wear a sweater or use throw blankets to keep warm as well.
  • Allow the sunshine to radiate your St. George new home by opening your curtains and shades. Remember to close them at night to keep the heat in.
  • Position your furniture and drapes away from your vents so your rooms are being heated to the fullest.
  • Turn off the bath fan to make certain the heat doesn’t get sucked out of your residence after you’ve taking a bath or a shower.
  • Install in a low-flow showerhead to save your heated water. You may also want to cut back on your shower time.
  • Turn down your water heater to 120 degrees to save money on your energy bill.
  • Plug your electronics into a power strip and turn the switch off on your power strip when those electronics aren’t in use.
  • Install motion sensors, dimmers and automatic times in your home to help conserve energy.
  • Close the doors in your home to ensure you aren’t heating unoccupied rooms.

Hopefully by following these energy saving tips you’ll be able to save money, stay warm and enjoy the winter months at your St. George new home.


Great Christmas gifts under $25

Ence Homes suggests these five great Christmas gifts all under $25 as you look to complete your Christmas shopping for this year.If there’s an avid golfer or tennis player in your family then you cannot go wrong with buying golf balls or tennis balls for them this Christmas. This gift is sure to help you’re loved one improve their game and there are plenty of good brands available under $25. The golf balls will definitely come in handy for those residents that are able to practice their game on the putting green or golf course in there St. George new homes communities.

For the movie lovers on your Christmas list consider DVD’s. There are plenty of DVD’s/Blu-Ray movies, TV box sets or trilogies your movie fans can add to their collection. A popular DVD this year is the Justin Bieber: Never Say Never DVD. This is a great gift for your kids who may have Bieber Fever and costs about $19.99 at your local retailer.

Multi-tools are fan favorites amongst the gadget lovers. They’re compact, can be stored in many places and great to have for fixing up things around your St. George new homes.

Wine and champagne aficionados will enjoy the champagne opener. It’s easy, practical to use and costs about $20. This will come in handy all year long for opening up bottles for any occasion including dinner parties or romantic evenings. An alternative is bottle openers on your iPhone case that you can bring anywhere.

Digital picture frames and digital key chains are great Christmas gifts that are priced for under $25. These are great ways to keep precious memories with you around your home, at work and while you’re on the go.

Whether you’re on a budget or just looking for great gifts at a reasonable price these are great gifts for you to get those on your Christmas list. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!


Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in your New Home

You’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home. As your prepare for Turkey Day there are things to keep in mind. Here are tips for hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your new home in St. George, UT.

Prepare ahead of time as much as possible. Pre-select your Thanksgiving dinner menu, know how many guests you’re having, how much you’re planning to serve, where everyone will eat and where your serving station will be. Look through your supplies to see if you need any additional serving trays, pots and pans, utensils and dishes.

Cook as much as you can ahead of time to alleviate the stress and pressure of Thanksgiving Day. For a juicy and delicious turkey, leave enough time for it to thaw and not to overcook it.

Set the mood by placing Thanksgiving ornaments and scented candles throughout your house, adding centerpieces to your table and hanging a Thanksgiving wreath on your new home in St. George, UT door.

Even though you’re the host, enlist the help of your guests. They can assist by cooking, decorating, setting the table and cleaning up. If a guest asks if they should bring something, say yes! A potluck is a great idea, especially if it’s your first year as host. Your guests can bring a desert, wine or a dish or two to accompany your main course. This will allow you to spend more time with your friends and family and less time in the kitchen.

Party favors for your guests to take home are a way to thank them for sharing the holiday with you. Keep them practical and Thanksgiving themed. Popular party favors include miniature pumpkins, mini bottles of maple syrup, scented candles, decorative baked goods and spiced candied nuts.

Remember, Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and share this holiday with your friends and family. Following these tips for hosting Thanksgiving at your new home in St. George, UT should help make this years Turkey Day run smooth. Ence Homes wishes your and your guests a wonderful Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble!


Jubilee of Trees Event

This year marks the 31st annual Jubilee of Trees, an event the Ence family has been a long-time supporter of. It will take place from November 16, 2011 to November 21, 2011 at the premier Dixie Convention Center in St. George.

The Dixie Convention Center is open daily from 10 am to 7 pm, except for Friday, November 18th and Monday, November 21st. They will close early on Friday at 4pm and remain open late on Monday until 8pm.

The Jubilee of Trees event, which is the largest showcase of trees between Salt Lake and Las Vegas, attracts many people from the southern Utah area and is pleasing for attendees of all ages. This event would definitely be a great experience for Ence Homes home builder in St. George, UT residents to attend.

This six-day affair will be a marvelous display of various Christmas designs featuring holiday décor and wreaths, gingerbread houses, full size custom designed Christmas trees and mini and table-top trees. The festive décor is sure to provide you with inspirational ideas to decorate your tree, front door and interior of your custom home builder in St. George, UT house during the upcoming holiday season.

The Jubilee of Trees helps raise money for the not-for-profit hospital, Dixie Regional Medical Center, to advance their Children’s Services. Kick off the Christmas season right and get into the festive spirit by attending the Jubilee of Trees for a noble cause and good times with your fellow home builder in St. George, UT neighbors.


New Home Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is the core of your home and is essential to your living experience. It’s the place where you eat, do homework, share memories, have family discussion and entertain your visitors and guests. Ence Homes offers these new home kitchen trends for your St. George, NV homes.Have you thought about remodeling your kitchen? 2011 is the year for dark finishes with a rise in deep reddish-brown, espresso and ebony finishes for floors and cabinets whereas white, medium and glazed color finishes are on the decline.

The kitchen table is also making a comeback with families eating dinner at the table creating quality time and great moments for your and your family in your St. George, NV homes.

Kitchen recycling centers, trash pullouts and trash compactors are catching steam as well.

Lighting has always been a necessity in your home and is also a way to express your personality. Adding pendant, monorail or billiard lighting fixtures, chandeliers or contemporary drum shades to your kitchen can spruce it up. Energy efficient LED cool and warm lights can also enhance your kitchen décor.

Bright colors in your kitchen are also popular. Consider adding colorful appliances and accessories to infuse your St. George, NV homes kitchen. A vibrant accented wall can give your kitchen some extra splash.

Using one or all of these trends is a way to enhance your kitchen. After all, when you spend some much time in a particular room, why not make it comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and functional.


Decorate for Halloween

Halloween is a time for creative and outrageous ideas. As you get your costumes ready and prepare for trick-or-treaters on October 31st, Ence Homes suggests these tips for decorating your Mesquite, NV homes for this fun and exciting holiday.

Line your driveway and walkway with glowing jack-o-lanterns to create a welcoming path to your home. Convert your front yard into a spooky yard by adding a scarecrow prop, bats on trees, a pumpkin patch, graveyard ghosts, witches’ cauldron and tombstones throughout. Create an eerie window scene by adding creepy window silhouettes.

Your doors and doorways are a quick a relatively cheap way to decorate for Halloween. Transform your front door by hanging a witches’ broom and garland or Halloween themed door cover over it. A Halloween wreath or small door decoration are always a nice and creative touch. Another idea is to hang up yellow Caution tape that you can easily put on your doors and have a sign that reads, “Enter at Your Own Risk.” Inside, cover some of your doorways with cobwebs or hang a drape or cloth in the doorway.

Use lighting to enhance the mood at your Mesquite, NV homes. Turn down the lights throughout your home, have them flicker or use a strobe light. Change the bulbs of your outdoor lights to black to produce mystery.

If you’re having a Halloween party, don’t forget the witch’s broom place card holders that are easy to make. They also make a great arts and crafts project for you and your kids. Add Halloween themed favors like Sippy cups, pens, skeletons and stickers around your house. Place play spiders throughout your home, especially in areas your guests would least expect them.

By following these tips your house should be the spookiest in your Mesquite, NV homes neighborhood without costing too much. But remember, Halloween isn’t Halloween without great sound effects so tune your i-Pod to play scary tunes. Have fun and enjoy!


Create Great Fall Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home entices people to want to see what’s inside and is the first impression others have toward it. Here are some easy and relatively cost effective ways to create great fall curb appeal for your St. George, UT homes for sale.

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for your lawn. Rake up any leaves that have fallen and dig up those unwanted weeds. Your grass should remain cut short to avoid having your lawn mat down during these months. Consider planting fall flowers to add color to the front of your house, planting a tree or new bed near your driveway or on the sides of your George, UT homes for sale.

Take a good look at the exterior of your home to see if anything needs to be renovated, repaired or replaced. Installing outdoor lighting gives your home more curb appeal and provides you and your visitor’s added safety. Think about changing the trim, painting the outside of your home a different color or adding another coat of paint for protection. Putting a colorful wreath on your front door can give it the pop it needs to stand out while adding sculptures, wind chimes or a water fountain can provide your home with some extra pizzazz.

There are plenty of holidays to celebrate during the autumn months that give you more reasons to decorate. Be tasteful with your selections and simply chose decorations that accentuate your St. George, UT homes for sale rather than overdoing the holiday décor.

Following these tips by Ence Homes will help you create great fall curb appeal and maintain an aesthetically pleasing home.


Easy Ways to Organize your Laundry Room

Below you will find easy ways to organize your laundry room. Following these suggestions can help you keep in order one of the most important rooms in your Ence Homes.Creating a laundry schedule is an easy way to keep your new home in St. George, UT laundry room organized. Setting up a schedule and system is solely up to you and should be conducive to your needs. You’re schedule could consist of designating certain days to wash your different types of clothes.

All of your family could help out during laundry time by having assigned responsibilities. For example, Mom does the washing, Dad folds and the kids could put away the laundry in the respective areas. If everyone in your new home in St. George, UT does their own laundry then assigning specific laundry days for each person may be better for your family.

Consider having a multi-bin laundry hamper in your laundry room in addition to having a laundry basket in each room. Labeling the bins for your linens and towels as well as the different colors: whites, darks and bright colors are an efficient and effective way to sort the different laundry wash loads in your household. You may even want to assign a place for the clothes needing to be dry cleaned.

Storing your laundry and cleaning supplies on shelves or in an over the wall rack unit in your new home in St. George, UT is another easy way to keep your laundry room organized. Space will be saved and you’ll also be aware of what supplies need to be replenished.

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

With football season in full force, the days getting shorter, temperatures cooling down and leaves changing colors that only means one thing, fall is right around the corner. On September 23rd autumn begins. As you prepare for the change in season, Halloween, Thanksgiving and other happenings during the next few months, Ence Homes suggests you keep these fall home maintenance tips for both inside and outside you new home in Mesquite, NV.

1. Do a full cleaning sweep of your fireplace. It’s recommended that you bring in a professional to inspect your fireplace and chimney if you plan on using it a lot.

2. Examine your gutters for debris. Getting rid of anything that doesn’t belong will help with water drainage and limit any standing water that can possibly freeze.

3. Check your roof out to make sure nothing is damaged and if there are any damages get them repaired.

4. Store your temperature susceptible materials, like your patio furniture, in a safe place.

5. Remove your garden hoses from outdoor spouts and drain it thoroughly as well as your outdoor faucets.

6. Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your new home in Mesquite, NV and replace the batteries if necessary.

7. Dust the ceiling fans in your home. You’ll want to reverse the ceiling fans to have the warm air pushed down from the ceiling. This may help you save money on your heating bill.

8. Hire a HVAC technician to check out your heating system.

9. Look around your house for damaged window screens, broken or cracked glass and
air leaks that may be around your doors or windows.

10. Though it’s not springtime, do a fall cleaning of your new home in Mesquite, NV and don’t forget to remove hair from your shower, bathtubs and sink drains.

Following these fall home maintenance tips will help maintain your home throughout the fall and prepare it for the winter.


Simple living room updates for fall

With a change of season quickly approaching consider changing the décor in your living room. Ence Homes suggests the following simple living room updates for fall in your new homes in St. George, UT.

Changing the colors in your living room with warm and rich tones is an easy and simple way to update your home for fall. Select a dark colored slipcover to position over your couch and add some throw pillows with hues to compliment the slipcover and your living room walls. Think about altering the colors of your lampshades and adding beaded garland to them to add more pizzazz in your living room.

Not only can the colors in your new homes in St. George, UT living room change, but also you can add a statement piece. Consider hanging clocks on your Ence Homes wall dedicated to their specific time zones if you’re a traveler, have a favorite city or even a dream city you’d love to visit. This can turn into a fun arts and crafts project by fixing up some old clocks or making new ones.

Another simple and cost effective way to change the look of your living room is by adding a fall colored table runner to your coffee table. You can spruce up the coffee table more by placing candles set in popcorn kernels or autumn potpourri. Buy plenty since you may decide to put the candles and potpourri in designated areas throughout the rest of your new homes in St. George, UT. Decorate your end tables by placing pumpkins or fall themed books on them.